5-Hours w/ Splatoon - Story Mode, Splat Zones, Online (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "We visited Nintendo's HQ to go hands-on with Splatoon for over 5-hours! Find out all about the Single-Player story mode, Inkapolis Plaza, multiplayer modes like Splat Zones & Turf War, new weapons, online details, and tons more, including new gameplay video, in our in-depth Splatoon video preview on the Wii U!"

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Reeze1398d ago

May cannot come soon enough! I need this game now!

wonderfulmonkeyman1398d ago

A shame that there apparently isn't any voice chat, but pc chat with friends is preferable to public anyways.
Would be better if friend games had voice chat by default, though...

3-4-51398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

That Preview, gave us more information than most journalists "Reviews".

I often wonder why more "Journalists" don't give us all the information like Gameexplain does.

Ck1x1398d ago

I love Game Explain! I didn't know that Andre use to work at ign I do believe. They mentioned it on one of the ign podcast one day

gangsta_red1398d ago

That is probably the only thing wrong with this game.

Other than that this game looks like an absolute blast to play.

bmwfanatic1398d ago

Looks cool ill get this for my son for sure.I dont have the reflexes to play competitive mp I'll just watch him.

G3n3raL861398d ago

Seems cool! Can't wait to get it!

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