Tales From the Swag Bag: Microsoft Underwhelms Us

As Kombo were heading out of the Microsoft press conference, they were stopped mid-stride by smiling models brandishing the first official swag of E3 2008. Microsoft matched the quality of their conference with the quality of their free goodies: Laptop stickers.

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QueefyB4409d ago

this show was really underwhelming i was expecting to see motion controller killer instinct halo 4 and i didnt see any of these potential flops i think sony have nothing to worry about tomorrow

Tommy Vercetti4409d ago

Queery the show has just begun. You may just see Halo 4, Killer instinct 3 and more.

Shaka2K64409d ago

I think microsuck are ready to give it up already they obviously will never be able to compete againts the allmighty Sony PS3.

GVON4409d ago

Apart from the ff13 news, and the new "channels" ( could of sworn that's been used before) I was very underwhelmed and from the reaction of the audience they seemed a bit bored being there, almost no applause for in the moves with the ps2 style eye games. no cheers from the news that banjo one will be on live, and the eye of judgement rip off for viva planttata or whatever it's called.

really disappointed msoft

QueefyB4409d ago

i have already seen gears of war 2 i know it is graphically unimpressive so i wonder why they showed it again

Aquanox4409d ago

Final Fantasy XIII looked quite impressive on the Xbox 360 ;)

RonDeMuerte4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

Glad you liked it....but that was PS3 footage....they haven't even touched a 360 dev kit yet....and apparently that won't be happening for a while.......expect that whole FFXIII trailer they showed us to completely fill up one of the DVDs you guys are getting in your future crappy 360 port.......hahahahaha

GVON4409d ago

and that's why they couldn't show it up close

Tmac4409d ago

So besides a whole lot of stolen idea's Microsoft ultimately came up short, however FF was a snag... NOTHING HAPPENED.

Fishy Fingers4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

PS3 owners get it first, they get Versus exclusive. 360 owners get FF13 eventually, SE make more money, push deeper into the American market they so obviously crave over.

Everyones happy, and honestly, Sony know this was a big deal, to allow it to happen ever shows great stupidity, or great confidence about something. Guess we'll see tomorrow.

KingME4409d ago

Only if there was some magic pill that gave be given to ride the world of pointless haters. Oh my how nice would that be. There really is nothing more annoying than a fanboy hater with his own official blog site.

hate pretty much stems from jealousy.

Superfragilistic4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

Versus is exclusive.

But FFXIII has been confirmed by Square as a multiplatform single launch date release in Europe and US. It will debut in Japanese in Japan as a PS3 exclusive though.


@jinxstar Confirmation in the article above. Square intends content to be identical, but acknowledges the storage capacity difference of BluRay and DVD.

Jinxstar4409d ago (Edited 4409d ago )

You know what gets me about this. The guy from square at the press conference kept saying "the 360 will get a version of FF13".... If Rockstar said "the 360 is getting a version of GTA" What would that tell you?

Until I see confirmation saying they are the same or identical I will be skeptical...

morganfell4409d ago

"Get a version" means not the same version as a PS3. It means graphically different (lower res textures, smaller maps) with different audio (compressed lower quality sound) and shrunk down in every conceivable way to fit onto two discs. Enjoy.

Superfragilistic4409d ago

Sure it largely sucked for hardcore gamers, but that wasn't what MS wanted to use the air time for. I thought it was a massive success for what MS intended to use it for - Pushing Live and Casual Gaming.

The Exclusive Netflix agreement is potentially massive, with Gold Live members getting the service for free and Netflix users getting a Gold Live account for free and easy to use streaming to their telly if they want to buy a 360.

The big titles will come. Halo Wars has just released a very gritty trailer (by Halo standards), and Gears has got an event tonight.

They obviously just wanted to make sure the live stream let all the casuals know exactly what they're planning. The hardcore are still paying attention long after the streamed press conference.

Jinxstar4409d ago

@ Super

Ah oki. TY much =D

At least they are trying but yeah... I think it's gonna get ugly real soon...

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Phuck Sony BS34409d ago

I see your Sony fanboy-azz on every MS topic!! How many azzez you kiss to obtain those many bubbles?!

AngryHippo4409d ago

.....serious question, why are you on every 360 thread?! Not only that, you seem to have conversations with yourself in the open zone when there is no one else posting comments.

@ Phuck Sony BS3....i know what you mean, while i don't totally agree with your name, i agree that there are way too many idiot Sony fans on this site that bubble up people for posting retarded anti MS comments (QueefyB) which is kind of sad.

GiantEnemyCrab4409d ago

Just look at his comment history he has contributed nothing but slams on MS and this guy is just about to max out his bubbles?

This is broke and I get 2 bubbles removed for calling someone a liar.

bosels114409d ago

keep it up queefy - How can I get all them bubbles bashing X3sh!tty all day. Their conference sucked, and they think a game they will get in about 2 years will make a difference? The Xbox wont even exist then more than likely. And for all the MS fanboys - eat SH!T and DIE! I am ashamed to have them as an American company. Say what you want about this comment - But its the open zone

yoghurt4409d ago

And your not a fanboy of any sort are you *cough* look at my avatar*cough*

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