Look at this Photo-Realistic Hamburger in Battlefield Hardline

The hamburger in Battlefield Hardline is perhaps the most visually advanced portion of the game.

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ValKilmer1845d ago

Looks more real than what McDonalds calls a hamburger.

Khajiit861845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

condoms look real

Cigs look horrible imo

ValKilmer1845d ago

I don't think we're the best judges of what condoms look like.

Solid_Penguin-641845d ago

I prefer bin bags over condoms ;)

Sonital1845d ago

Loving the people above pretending they have the need for condoms..come on guys ;)

UltraNova1845d ago Show
inveni01845d ago

I don't think I'd eat a burger next to a condom.

BongSmack1844d ago

How can you tell what the condoms look like? They're still in there packaging?

Apollosupreme1844d ago

Dude, condoms are for losers. Roll the dice brutha.

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DevilOgreFish1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Given that the meat is at the bottom, I'd say that's Burger King's whopper with cheese. http://images.test.obesityh...

Septic1845d ago

I love the content of the url you've provided. test.obesityhelp.... lmao

YoungPlex1845d ago

Frostbite 3 POWA! Totally unnecessary, they can't achieve a native resolution of 1080p "900p(PS4)/720p(XBO)" ;, can't lock the frames at 60fps on consoles (50-60fps sometimes lower)instead, let's take the time to design an ultra realistic looking hamburger, for the fans of course... GOTY!

IC3_DEMON1845d ago Show
pixelsword1845d ago


Maybe because the Battlefield burger was sampled from actual meat.

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DiscoKid1845d ago

Seems so out of place since everything else looks average.

Khajiit861845d ago

WOW! I cant believe the detail. Best looking steak in videogaming history. cant wait for smellavision

microproze20001845d ago

copy paste textures :D each piece of steak is little rotated to make the difference :D anyway looks tasty lolll

1845d ago
Bathyj1845d ago

Are those condoms all over the desk? What is this place?

WCxAlchemist1845d ago ShowReplies(1)
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Bathyj1845d ago

I've only had one account since I joined 2951 days ago and I've tried to contribute with my 15563 comments, not troll.

You want advice on the easiest way to get bubbles? Don't lose them. It takes months to get one single bubble up, and only one stupid comment to lose one. Many times I bite my tongue. You need to pick your battles.

Now I'll say something OT so I don't get done for off topic.

Hamburger looks nice. I like sesame seeds.

AndrewLB1845d ago Show
Bathyj1845d ago

Whatever mate. Keep playing the victim.

In 2007 this place was a cesspool of Sony hate that lasted for years. I still got bubbles because I talk about the topic and I contribute.

There are plenty of guys here that you would never call Sony fanboys and often call Sony out when its warranted and they still have bubbles. You have one bubble because you add nothing, beautifully illustrated by the poor me comment you just made.

Dark_king1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

being here a while myself Bathyj i am under the belief that making me laugh gets you bubbles quicker then being on topic.You always have made me laugh.

Edit:Though this is my second account I forgot the password for the first.Made that one around the start of N4g.

d_g1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )


i was have 2 bubbles and i lose one Because trolling comment

that’s make me mad it was just one comment !!

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