Hulu Plus Update Brings Official Support For PlayStation TV

Hulu Plus is now officially supported on the PlayStation TV after the app updated to version 1.04.

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JMaine5182221d ago

Nice! Wish I was able to pick up one of these when they were going for cheap on Amazon

vongruetz2221d ago

I picked up my second during that Amazon sale. I needed a new PS3 controller and for $10 more, I could also get the PSTV, Lego game, and memory card. It was kind of a no-brainer

TheColbertinator2221d ago

Good to hear. Hulu Plus is my favorite

ScorpiusX2221d ago

Great deal , but hulu sux . Tried the sub some of the movies on their were like 30-years old , stuff 8 have never heard of . Again great for those that will enjoy both

ruefrak2221d ago

The movies on Hulu are not as good as what you find on Netflix. Hulu is the service you use to catch up on the current season of shows. I don't use it as much as Netflix, but more than Amazon Prime. If you have them all, you've got all your bases covered.

uth112221d ago

Great, now get youtube & netflix and half the complaints about this device will go away!

vongruetz2220d ago

Youtube ain't happening, but you can use it through the browser. Netflix is the one that everyone is waiting for.

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The story is too old to be commented.