New EVE: Valkyrie Gameplay Trailer Shown at EVE Fanfest

VRFocus- Today at EVE Fanfest 2015, a new trailer detailing a new map as well as gameplay was revealed for virtual reality (VR) title EVE: Valkyrie. CCP Games received a lot of interest following the reveal of the videogame last year. The title is to be compatible with the Oculus Rift head mounted display (HMD).

ikarodemon3374d ago

Wow! This ship is so Star Citizen...

Sethry1013374d ago

Difference is this all takes part in EVE Onlines open world sandbox.


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SlothLordPootus264d ago

Dust 514 was such a unique game back in the day. I only played probably 10 hours of it because the balancing was way off, but otherwise it was an interesting idea.

Inverno264d ago

Was a unique idea that was never realized, it didn't go beyond just being and playing like an outdated generic FPS. It never got better, and then they shut it down. If this follows the standard of your typical service style fps then it won't live long either.


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