EP #239 – Why Modern Warfare 2 Is Still The New Black

Modern Warfare 2 is still by far one of the best Call of Duty experiences to date. This Iconic masterpiece created by Infinity Ward and published by Activision is a hopeful title for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners. Also in the news, Titanfall 2 goes multi-platform and it is the worst kept secret ever. Uncharted 4 gets delayed and so does Homefront: The revolution. Jason Voorhees brings his scare tactics to Mortal Kombat X and Playstation 4 is still the king of the hill by the numbers. Last and certainly not least, Respawn Entertainment stays top of mind by making Titanfall’s season pass free.

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remixx1162378d ago

Do a call of duty 4 and mw2 hybrid collection. All 1080p 60fps on a new engine with all dlc maps included. Give it that seemless multiplayer set up like halo master chief collection and balance out the guns a bit, bring in all game modes, tweek killstreeks a bit and remove nuke,

Boom I'm 100% sold.

Monster_Tard2378d ago

I'd like that. Maybe all the modern warfare's and the two black ops, I'd buy it.

LonDonE2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Yes i agree but only if they use the same net code as the older mw games.
If they use their garbage lag compensation like every game since black ops has had then i wont buy it.

I think the net code was perfect in MW2 which vince zampella and team who are now at respawn made.
Its why i love titanfall so much, it has great net code too.

People should see call of duty online released only in china and korea i think, it is a mish mash of cod 4, mw2, black ops 1 and blops 2 all touched up and smashed together.
Its a free to play game.
Hell at this point i would gladly take call of duty online on next gen consoles.

Gazondaily2378d ago

Nah dedicated servers. We need that. No more host B.S. MW2 was full of that nonsense too.

LonDonE2378d ago

Dude i didn't say i dont want dedicated servers! but be real here, we will probably never get dedicated servers on cod!

Fans have been asking for this since MW1 hit, but activision wont do it.
The lag compensation is what i dont want, its garbage and has ruined cod.
Go back and play MW2 and MW1 or titanfall and see how much better the net code is compared to recent cod games.

In an ideal world we would get dedicated servers with the same net code as titanfall which also ran on dedicated servers (microsofts azure i believe) which are awesome servers!

If we could get the same net code as titanfall or mw2 but without the lag compensation i would be happy.

Anyone who thinks the recent cod games run on dedicated servers is deluded as hell and obviously has never played on proper dedicated servers!!

Ghosts and advanced warfare run on listen servers but still have a peer to peer host system.
While i think ghosts and AW had better net code for me anyway compared to blops 1 and 2, i still want the lag compensation gone!
I dont like being punished with lag just because some guy in the middle of the desert with garbage internet joins the match!

I wouldn't mind if they gave us the same listen server set up but as long as the lag compensation is turned off.

Kevlar0092378d ago

I liked how even though the single-player was short (about 5 hours or so), they kept almost every level fresh by adding something cool or exciting outside of cover and shooting. One level you're riding in an armored vehicle down a narrow street, another you're scaling an ice wall into a stealth section finishing on snowmobiles.

When we talk about "cinematic video games" my comparison is always to MW2. It never stayed too long in one form of gameplay, and executed it beautifully. Then you had Spec Ops and the MP, which were fun as all hell. CoD fever was really at its peak, and MW2 was in a league of its own.

Yui_Suzumiya2378d ago

Yeah. They dropped the ball with MW3 :(

Swiggins2378d ago

Yep, MW2 was the apex of CoD design. Not too simple, not to complicated, it found the perfect sweet spot.

Plus it must be had the best maps of any CoD with the exception of MAYBE CoD1...I can still remember most of the maps lanes and chokepoints even 6 years later.

Draven12342378d ago

Black Ops and Black Ops 2 are still my favourite COD games. The overall balance of both games was just perfect. MW2 had too much OPness to a lot of the weapons and perks, as most CODs do.

uriyya2378d ago

Loved Black Ops 2! One of my all time favs.

uriyya2378d ago

Thanks for chiming in everyone, have a blessed day.