Why, Why, Why? Murder with Stylus

Jason over at Nintendo Enthusiast loves challenging games. When a game puts his skills to the test, he gets into the zone and won’t quit until he beats whatever it is! Eating, sleeping, and pooping? Who needs that when he can beat this super hard thing!

That’s probably pretty unhealthy… it’s just videogames right? Seriously, what’s the worst that could possibly happen if videogames are challenging?


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Nivalis1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Posting news/videos created by yourself eh? whatever gets you hits i guess. Not really seeing why you do so in third person.

ZyroXZ21309d ago

Erhm, 2 things:

1) Most of N4G articles are self-promoted content; I know many people who just use a random username so it seems submitted by someone else!

2) If you don't create articles, you might not know that N4G guidelines require all articles to speak in 3rd person, whether created by the contributor or not.