PLAYSTATION Store E3 Release Plan

The Playstation Store will be updated daily this week, to coincide with E3.

Each day videos of E3 press conferences will be added, all in full-Hd.

There will also be:
- The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition
- Super Stardust HD Team Mode Add-on
- Elefunk an upcoming PLAYSTATION Network downloadable puzzle game
added during this week.


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sonarus3966d ago

Isn't this the same as MSoft is doing?

I hope there are demos for PS too. Sony needs to try to surprise us like announcing a KZ2 beta or something:(

THC CELL3966d ago

forget killzone i am happy there taking there time unlike some rushed games

give us Home

sonarus3966d ago

I am in no rush for KZ2 but i want beta dammit:D

gaffyh3966d ago

Yeh it is but all the fanboys were saying that MS is better cos they are putting their conference on Live, Sony did the same thing last year so I don't see how Live is better than PSN in this way.

Bloody fanboys...

Omegasyde3966d ago


(shake my fist at sony)

That game must of gotten canceled, pity it was the wipeout 1 for the PS1 that got me into the playstation brand....I am sure the same for others as well. Game must be canceled at 99% done >:-(

dhammalama3966d ago

I hope they give us some cool stuff!!

@ gaffyh - you just sound like what you say you're against

gaffyh3966d ago

@above - Lol yeah I see what you mean, but I own both 360 and PS3, so I know that the PSN had conference stuff posted on it last year, same as Live, but fanboys just say it didn't without knowing anything.

Anyway E3 is about to start in like 30 mins with MS conference. Can't wait!!

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THC CELL3966d ago

i hope them new games has trophies

Mr_Showtime13966d ago

SS:HD add on!

I can get the gold trophy!

Surfman3966d ago

Yeah i been waiting for this add-on. I have all trophies but 2, the multiplayer-gold one and the 10 nuclear-bomb one. Add me to team up for the gold one. ID marcro85

wolfehound223966d ago

Wow this is unexpected and welcomed. Thumbs up to Sony. And here I was bummed that I have to work all week and do not have a Tivo to tape all the E3 footage. This should shutup a lot of the complainers that were saying why can't Sony offer us videos like M$ was. This is great add in some new demos and this is a great week. Definitely will be picking up SS:HD add on and Elefunk

Shane Kim3966d ago

I think it's really nice of Sony to put all of their E3 stuff on PSN. Now I can watch everything from my couch :P.

Shadow Flare3966d ago

thx 4 sshd tem pck kthxbai

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The story is too old to be commented.