Videogamer: Mirror's Edge Interview

Videogamer reports:

''Mirror's Edge dazzled everyone when DICE showed an in-game trailer for the game at Sony's recent PlayStation Day. Since then it's been high on the most wanted list for many gamers, even though some have questioned whether what we have seen is indeed what the game is really like. Well, we've seen it being played and can assure you that it's looking every bit as good. We caught up with Owen O'Brien, senior producer, DICE to find out how the game will play beyond what we've seen in a brief demo and if the studio is worried Mirror's Edge will be yet another great game that fails to achieve commercial success.''

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ShinFuYux3965d ago

I'm very excited about this game. I certainly hope it would not turn out to be like Assassin's Creed, where the developer boast so much about this about the game. But, when you actually play it, you feel it was just rushed and there's hardly any content at all.