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Attack Of The Fanboy: Battlefield: Hardline feels distinctly different on the single player front. Visceral’s footprint is clearly visible, and while you can tell that Hardline’s single player is from the Battfield lineage — engine, drestruction, assets, progression, etc — the way that the game is structured in terms of gameplay, story telling, and other facets is something unique when compared to Battlefield campaigns that have come before it.

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Toiletsteak2883d ago

This seems to be getting ok reviews for it's single player but, i only care about the multiplayer so i will wait and see if that works before i get the game.

Stiffler2882d ago

Aye, reviews seem to be on or around the 7/10 mark. I'll be skipping this edition of BF but I hope everyone else has a good time with it...

ImHyjack2883d ago

The MP works great no issues getting into staying in or finding a match. The lag is little to none the game is better then a 7 it's an easy 8.