Top 6 Diablo Clones

With Diablo 3 on the horizon many gamers want to relive the Diablo experience, although you don't necessarily have to drudge through Diablo again. Thus these are Top 6 Diablo Clones.

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Charlie26883964d ago

The article author should have kept the original title since half of the games on the list the only thing in common with Diablo is the isometric view -_- and that is about it

mariusmal3964d ago

ohhh nox. i loved that game but i tought no one ever heard about it. and the witcher is one of the best rpg's ever

KillaManiac3964d ago

*points at his copy of nox* man that game was awsome...too bad EA bought out Westwood studios which in-turn killed alot of franchises.

mariusmal3964d ago

big card box version mate ?