Hardest Video Game Bosses

Every great game has incredible boss battles. These are the moments gamers live for, a true testament of one’s will and gaming skill. Only players who are willing to learn from every crushing defeat can rise victorious against these beasts listed below.

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Septic1370d ago

Psycho Mantis wasn't hard at all!

Shao Khan was a prat in Mk3 and somehow in MK9 they made him even more of a cheese monger!

BootHammer1370d ago

I got MGS before it was stateside. I couldn't wait to get it so I had it imported. Of course, everything was in Japanese then so the whole game was quite difficult first run through b/c I had no idea what they were saying...especially Psycho Mantis, LOL.

WeAreLegion1370d ago

I can beat these bosses. I have beat these bosses. And yet...I HATE facing Seth in SFIV.

Orbertron1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Ninja Gaiden Black - Dark Samurai Boss

oh and the first Boss (spoilers) who is also the last Boss seriously eef that guy

weirdo1370d ago

viewpoint on the neo geo is a total bastard! it re-uses previous bosses until the game destroys you.

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