E3 2008: Fallout 3 Hands-on (IGN)

IGN previews a hands-on demo of the upcoming Action RPG "Fallout 3".

"To sum up, Fallout 3 looks and feels exactly what you'd expect a hybrid of Fallout 2 and Oblivion to look and feel like." -IGN

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Prismo_Fillusion5843d ago

My reaction - "Meh."

I'm still excited for this...I guess...but I think we all wanted more.

I own Oblivion (PC) and it's a fun game, but wasn't nearly as much fun as Morrowind, in my opinion.

I really hope that Fallout 3 isn't just Oblivion with guns! At the very least...PLEASE CORRECT THE ENEMY LEVEL SCALING!

Prismo_Fillusion5843d ago

Re-reading my post I think I sounded more negative than I really am about this game. Don't get me wrong, this is still one of my most anticipated games of the coming year. I just don't want a carbon copy of Oblivion with guns. Even if it is, I still think it will be an excellent game - but I think it could be so much more. Hopefully Bethesda delivers.

thor5843d ago

Yeah enemy level scaling ruined oblivion for me; when you know that the higher level you are, the harder you make the game for yourself, it defeats the object. I just created a melee character with all magic major skills, it makes the game so easy. There's also a difficulty slider, that can be changed at any time. I want the game to challenge me, I don't want to have to challenge myself. There should be areas I can't reach because I'm not powerful enough, enemies I struggle to beat before I've leveled up, this is how RPGs have always been in the past!

harrisk9545843d ago

"There should be areas I can't reach because I'm not powerful enough, enemies I struggle to beat before I've leveled up"

Bethesda talked about this early on. (I think that it was in Game Informer) There will be areas that you will not want to enter until you level up enough. If I remember correctly, I believe that they used the Washington D.C. subway system as one example. So, this is something that apparently has been addressed by Bethesda.

Prismo_Fillusion5843d ago

So...does that mean they'll only use enemy level scaling some of the time, but not all of it? Because I still think that's kind of lame. But I hate speculation like this, so I'll just wait until Bethesda clears it up themselves.

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Shaka2K65843d ago

Atleast this one wont be 12 hours long only.

best on PS3 regarless.

PS3 DS3 > xbug controler sucks.

meepmoopmeep5843d ago

ewww.. i didn't like oblivion at all.
i hope this isn't going to turn out like oblivion for me.

Statix5843d ago

Looks pretty damn good to me. Gushing hands-on impressions from IGN. I've had my eye on this game for a long, long time as potentially being one of my personal GotYs. Hopefully it looks as good in motion as it does in the screens.

Captain Tuttle5843d ago (Edited 5843d ago )

I'm still looking forward to this. Oblivion was alright but not nearly as good as either Fallout 1 or 2. It's not even as good as Morrowind. I've said it before, Fallout 3 isn't a true successor...it's a game set in the Fallout universe. Here's hoping that Fallout 4 goes back to it's roots.
And I hate the f*cking Fat Man.
Looks like NMA was right all along.
I think I'll cancel my collectors edition pre-order today and just get the regular version.

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Cancelled Fallout game gets turned into mod while everyone waits for London's release

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I Have A Confession, I Like The Fallout 3 Green Filter

The game looks too clean without it.

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isarai55d ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about

Nacho_Z54d ago

Always annoying when articles do that.

I agree with them that the tv show was a bit on the clean side. They got loads right regarding set design etc but there's room for improvement.

gold_drake54d ago

i dont. it hurts my eyes. but im fairly ssensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff.

RyanWritesGood15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Every Fallout seems to have their own color palate... New Vegas is basically brown, while 3 is green and gray. It's only 76 that has a robust color palate.

3 just isn't 3 without the green.


Amazon Prime Gaming May 2024 Games Lineup Looks Highly Promising

Amazon has announced its gaming lineup for May 2024 and it is one of the better months especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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Retroman68d ago

I have Amazon Prime hardly ever use it and these games will not make me jump back to Prime.
Only use Prime for discounts on shipping.

Retroman68d ago

Games line-up looks Highly Promising.
Yeah if you Never played those games before.
or you just started gaming for the First time in your life it would seem "Promising "