PALGN: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review

PALGN writes: "With Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, the number of possible 'critical' clichés to be heaped upon such an action game is numerous. Evidently, the game's "a tour-de-force" for the Nintendo DS, with "a robust demonstration" of just what the Nintendo DS "is really capable of in the right hands". "Portable Game of the Year, anyone?" "Second to none", you'll be "hard-pressed to find a more visceral feat" for a Nintendo DS purchase. And this is all felt before you've even tapped your unsuspecting self past the slick introductory screens.

Truth be told, a few of these embarrassing remarks were included in early drafts of this very same review. However, a critique's 'professional integrity' aside, it's not like Team Ninja doesn't deserve such extolment. Immediately hitting you in the face like a ninjitsu-driven trout, the aesthetics of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword are what's going to provoke the foremost bouts of gasps in the average consumer. Graphics as shiny as a spandex-clad ninja's behind, with a technically-wise Resident Evil styled combination of lovingly animated 3D characters cast upon meticulously drawn pre-rendered backdrops. Proving the DS is also no slouch in the audio department when it puts its micro-processing mind to it, Dragon Sword's music and sound effects are more than satisfying, with oriental ninja-butt-kicking tunes and slashes, mixed with timely ambient set pieces, instilling the perfect moods all round."

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