NVIDIA Titan X Specs, Price, Benchmarks Leaked; Performance Compared With AMD R9 390X

Benchmarks of the new NVIDIA wonder card, Titan X, have been leaked. The leak comes from several sources, and if the published scores are to be believed, the new Titan X from NVIDIA is nearly as fast as the Titan Z.

However, additional benchmarks suggest that the upcoming AMD R9 390X may be faster than NVIDIA's fat card.

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mikeslemonade1372d ago

However the Nvidia card will be the sleeker card. For some reason that is a factor in my purchase.

LordDhampire1372d ago

Take these with a grain of salt until we see something more official

fr0sty1372d ago

Even then, still take with a grain of salt.

crazytechfanatic1372d ago

Leaked slides this close to launch are usually the official ones.

Neixus1372d ago

I can confirm this price, visited a PC company (komplett . no) which is Nvidia partnered.

Got shown a room where they had steambox, unreleased monitors and ofcourse, Titan X. I asked about the price and he said $1000.

Your choice to believe me or not.

LordDhampire1372d ago

I believe you on Nvidia price, they hate the's just AMD that is up in the air? Will they keep prices reasonable and try to sell more?

Cueil1372d ago

the new AMD card looks beastly

crazytechfanatic1372d ago

I hope that water cooling is the default cooling option.

Khronikos1372d ago

Funny how the AMD crowd always forgets about gameworks, heat, and drivers. But oMG a new card here is my money lol.

Cueil1372d ago

-_-... Nvidia ignores thermal laws... this is not true with AMD cards that easily overclocked even under standard cooling

viruscode1372d ago

Possbly they learned a lesson so When the New cards of R9 300 series arrive i believe they will update their drivers regularly When the games come out ,the same as Nvidia......

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