Is Backwards Compatibility Important?

"The PS4/XO launched with small libraries. Being able to run older games would have really killed the waiting times on newer titles. " KJ of Play Legit

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I_Love_Gaming1412d ago

I agree about the premium option of paying slightly more to have backwards compatability if and only if it actually costs significantly more to actually include it into the console. Like right now I want to play Dynasty Warriors 3, but no I can't. (I have tried emulating it on my pc but I gave up after the download was taking forever)

DragoonsScaleLegends1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Unless you have a Core I5 and a nice GPU the PS2 emulator is trash except for a few games. My Core I3 and my AMD GPU emulate most PS2 games bad but some are playable if I keep the rez normal. I can emulate GameCube games but if I try to push the rez to 1080p frame-rate takes a dive in most of the games.

PS Now is not the answer to backwards compatibility for PS2 or PS1 games. I want to own the games and play without the latency or internet for that matter. I understand for PS3 games since the PS4 has a weak CPU but PS1 emulation should be easy if Sony even cares about making money off their classics. Also I want to spend $5-10 on a few classics not monthy memberships.

Dasteru1412d ago

PCSX2 isn't too hard to run with modern systems. My Phenom II 965 and GTX 470 can run most PS2 games at 4k.

joab7771412d ago

Wow...we are an entitled bunch, aren't we?

decrypt1412d ago

PCSX2 works great as long as you arent running it on your grandmas system.

BC is something console gamers should have been demanding from the get go. I really fail to understand console gamer mentality. I mean they cry about paying 100-200usd more for the hardware which features BC, yet are willing to rebuy HD remakes lol. I mean buying a couple of remakes would be enough to settle that little difference they would have paid to get BC in the first place.

Its obvious MS and Sony will do everything it takes to ensure a stead stream of profits they are corporations after all. Hence for them its most profitable to sell HD remakes, so why give any sort of BC? Sure they could make an expensive console sell it for few hundred bucks more but then they cant sell any more HD remakes.

Anyone seriously looking for BC options should def consider buying multiplats on the PC, since its the only platform that can provide that level of BC. Sure over the years there might be a handful of games that might have problems running, however by far most will run with no issues.

Also for people saying "oh HD remakes run at 60fps and are full 1080p". Well consider making games run in 60fps is dependent on hardware if you have it on PC and your hardware is strong enough which it will be considering the game is old hence 60fps is a given. Next up people talk about 1080p, Well again consider few years down the line when 4k becomes more mainstream, HD remakes bought in 1080p will look terrible on a 4k tv hence will be worthless again. On PC you can decide to up the res any time you like. You dont have to keep paying a corporation to up the res for you everytime new TV tech is out.

I think the whole console model providing BC via HD remakes is flawed and will only make people spend on buying the same game again and again.

breakpad1412d ago

i hope for PS1/2 emulator on PS4 its easy and it is a small gift to their fans ...PSnow and subscriptions services are crap and i will never support

turdburgler10801411d ago

Once windows 10 comes to xbox one and devs start putting emulators for it on the store BC won't be a issue for xbox. They are already on the windows store so its a given. Sony though is gonna stick to its guns with the PSNOW streaming service.

DarthZoolu1411d ago

Don't care about BC i don't even have time to play all my x1 games

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kaizokuspy1412d ago

PS Now is Sony's answer to your problem. Extremely pricey and I wouldn't recommend it. Though I love my PS4, that is out of my tastes. Now if the subscription included PS4 titles as well as their PSN library they could charge me $30 a month easy.

Bigpappy1412d ago

Isn't that the whole purpose of people paying for PSNOW? If obviously has some serious value to some gamers as they are willing to pay a handsome fee to play those old games.

For me, it is nice to have. But there is just no way I will pay extra to have it.

I_Love_Gaming1412d ago

True, I need to call comc"ass"t and get my internet to be hardwired. WIRELESS SUCKS. Anyways I would wish it didn't require a monthly subscription. I would rather have the hardware capability of playing games that I have previously purchased. I see PSNow more of a game center where you get to play games you either played or have not played in a somewhat limited selection of games. If PSNow had a greater selection then that would be great.

It tends more so to a crowd that hasn't played their games more than a crowd that just has specific games they want to play. Either way PSNow is excellent and definetely worth its price. I just love the amount of readily available games that I can play

deadpoolio3161412d ago

Or ya know you say keep your old system...It doesn't explode the day you get the new one, and maybe if your that poor that you need to trade in your old one to get the new one then getting the new one shouldn't be your priority, you can save up and get one at a later date...Its not like games stop coming out for the older one...Well unless it's a 360 then new games practically stopped coming out in 2012

donthate1412d ago

I think it used to be important, especially at the transition from a non-digital connection like what we had on original Xbox and PS2 moving over to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Now a days, everything practically runs over HDMI so there no upscaling benefits and the only real benefit is to be on the latest console, platform features and controller. I doubt that is a significant deal breaker for most.

So no it, BC is not important!

On top of this, PS Now isn't really adding anything, because the game selection is limited, the experience is varied depending on your internet connection (for most it is not that great) and the prices are high so it makes even less sense!

rainslacker1411d ago

I just keep my old systems. It's much cheaper than trading them in, or even rebuying them should they break later, than it would be to pay for an ongoing subscription. I'd be wiling to buy hardware which does it because it's more convenient in most cases. Otherwise, Since I own many of the older games I would want to play, I see no reason why a subscription streaming service would be suitable for me.

Nothing against the service though. I see it kind of like PS+, get to play loads of games for a rather low monthly fee.

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Insomnia_841412d ago

It would be awesome if Sony let you played all the PS3 games you downloaded with your PS+ membership through PSNow on your PS4 as long as you still have your PS+ subscription of course.

TXIDarkAvenger1412d ago

But how will we get more remasters? /s

nowitzki20041412d ago

Remasters are not the same. They are improved versions. I would have still gotten TLOU Remastered for 1080p and 60fps increase.

kevnb1412d ago

They are ports to a stronger system. Just look at games rendered at higher resolution using emulators, they look exactly like "remasters".

rainslacker1411d ago

The original PS3 and PS2 did some minor improvements to prior gen games. Nothing as drastic as remasters though.


Many times yes, but they tend to do it artificially by increasing pixel count of lower res images and sometimes improving smoothing or doubling polygons and using newer frame rendering techniques. A proper remaster uses the higher quality textures and sometimes models that were downgraded to make them work on the older systems. Not 100% the case, as there are games which don't have the original stuff, but most remasters from the PS2 gen and above are like this.

nowitzki20041412d ago

Its not important, but its really good to have. One reason the PS2 was the best console of all time because it was 2 of the best in 1. Its great in the wiis too. I love that my PC library goes about as far back as I want.

What they can at least do is have digital downloads for all PS1, PS2, and PS3 as well as all Original Xbox and Xbox 360 for current gen consoles. I know I would love to play Crash on my PS4.

rainslacker1411d ago

Still have my fully BC PS3 as well. 3 for the price of 1...or 1-1/2 given it's launch price. Would be very hard to give up that convienance.:)

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