Top 10 Confirmed 360 Exclusives @ E3 '08 (XboxOZ360)

If there's been one reason above any other to own a 360 it's the exclusives. Year after year, Microsoft continues to dazzle gamers with an ever increasing library of exciting new IPs and groundbreaking, record-shaking franchises. This year gamers are being treated to the widest diversity of AAA titles Microsoft has ever assembled with only one FPS in a lineup strewn with RPGs, strategy, platforming, action and adventure.

The only question is what made the top 10 and how do we rate the big hitters in Gears 2, Fable 2, Halo Wars and Banjo-Kazooie...

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sonanus4449d ago

Microsoft will dominate E3!

Breakfast4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

...of course theyll dominate e3!

Relcom4449d ago

lol don't forget Killzone 2

Superfragilistic4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I just hope Fable 2 takes the spotlight away form the limelight hogging Gears 2... they've only got the one big shooter this year and I can't see them letting anybody forget about it! :(

@ Bubbles

That'd be Peter Moore who's now head of EA Sports. Although I'd love to see J Allard return for Microsoft, doing his best wigger - "I'm hip and on the down-low" corporate America - a coming on stage with a big ass COG tag on his arm! lol

UnSelf4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Another e3 wit Microsoft, anotha tattoo by that guy whose name idc to remember

EDIT: There u go thanks for the correction i almost said Phil Harrison....god forbid what would happen to me if i did

PirateThom4449d ago

Peter Moore?

He works for EA now, he left Microsoft.

mepsipax4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

well after some average games, like PD: Zero, Ghoulies, Kameo, I've been extremely dissapointed in Rare, while these weren't bad games, they weren't up to the quality they had achieved with the N64 days, but Banjo is looking just plain amazing, yep after viva pinata and banjo, rare is back on the top of my favorite dev of all time. Oh and also, this is console exclusive right, because the day Left 4 Dead is an X360 exclusive is the day valve abandons its loyal PC gamers, and that ain't gonna happen.
edit: damn I forgot I was replying, anyway, I think this will be a good final E3, you've got all these great games coming out for all consoles, Ninty, Sony, M$ will all have great showings, yep it must suck to be a fanboy nowadays and only have one console with all the great exclusives coming out on the different platforms.

gaffyh4449d ago

6 (Left 4 Dead) and 10 (Tales of Vesperia) are only timed exclusive aren't they?

zethos564449d ago

I think Tales of Vesperia might be. But Left 4 Dead isn't (Valve has no interest in the PS3).

fusionboxer4449d ago

Probably better then whatever nintendo has up their sleeves.

mepsipax4449d ago

I think Ninty will have some pretty good reveals, just looking at the possibilities Disaster: DOC, Pikmin 3, Man Icarus, Animal Crossing Wii, New Zelda Game, Punch Out, and maybe even a new retro title, it's gonna be a good E3 on all fronts.

KillaManiac4449d ago

Ya...Valve admitted in a interview that they "weren't ps3 developers" (meaning they sux). So I personally would rather the game stay on 360 only than it port and sux bigtime like Halflife orange box did.

cito35th4449d ago

too human? really?...
also fable 2 looked like a cheap ps2 game, based on both videos
halo wars kills the whole purpose of halo.... i mean ITS NOT EVEN FIRST PERSON!
gears2 is bad ass
viva pinata?... lol

thats a line up right there!

this E3 is going to be interesting

madmike4449d ago

then buy a 360 i want to play games not watch them

kosha4449d ago

It doesnt have to be first person just cause its a halo game you know


it sure is a pretty nice line up.... and i own a Ps3!

xhairs94449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

How do you play games if you don't watch the game?


Needless to say, Too Human still looks like crap. And a game BASED ON MULTIPLAYER, only 2 man co-op? C'monnnn

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Bob Dole4449d ago

The only one Bob Dole cares about is Fable 2, and everybody knows Bob Dole's opinion is the only one that matters.

Superfragilistic4449d ago

Well you should read the article then cause they put Fable 2 ahead of Gears 2!

Bob Dole4449d ago

Bob Dole read the article and agrees with Fable 2 being at number 1.

4449d ago
belal4449d ago

if mgs4 and FF13 wont be announced at e3 will you shut the F UP ?



i think sony will do good this year by showing us some gow 3 ( the real GOW)fotage and some new ff fotage. sony will dominate.

i wonder what nintendo will do ? lol their biggest game has landed, what next ?

Breakfast4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I guess we wait...

Omegasyde4449d ago

Starfox 3...Pokemon-55.....Metroid.... Animal Crossing.....Pikmin 2(ugh)........and oh my favorite as well as Breakfast's...


(I really wish Nintendo would make one NON-family game like a shooter or a mature action adventure game)

jspc19894449d ago

mgs4 being announced? does he not know that its already been out for a little while now lol. since when do already released games get announcements at E3? x

Domenikos4448d ago

Ohh... Breakfast just pwned u lol

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PirateThom4449d ago

Oddly, the top 2 are the only 2 I care about.

Velvet Assassin looks horrible.

Superfragilistic4449d ago

Do you mean the game or the protagonist?

mepsipax4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I'd disagree with you on that, you don't think banjo or left 4 dead matter, all gears 2 is going to be is just a nice upgrade to the first gears, not saying thats bad, I'm just saying I don't know why this is going to be huge, I'm still a little skeptical about Fable 2, the first Fable had the same hype around it, and I was extremely dissapointed with it, anyway banjo and L4D are looking wicked.
oh and also, gears had the most chessiest and cleached singleplayer, so they better not try to think people play gears for the story.

PirateThom4449d ago

Superfragilistic - The game in general, just what I've seen.

mepsipax -L4D has potential, but I'll wait for reviews. Rare are yet to make a good game with Microsoft, so I am not really holding out much hope. Cautious optomism.

I'm looking forward to Gears 2 just because I like the ridiculous machismo of the whole thing.

Superfragilistic4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Mate I couldn't agree more, for me personally I'm really looking forward to Fable 2, Banjo and Left 4 Dead. I agree with your sentiments about Gears 2. It's well on track to be a very nice upgrade, but compared to those other titles I just don't find it as interesting or innovative.

And hell yeah... Rare's back! :)

EDIT: @Pirate

All good mate. I was worried you were saying that hot thing in leather was horrible! lol

As for Rare. Go back and play the original Viva Pinata and then tell me they haven't made a good game for Microsoft. ;)

gaminoz4449d ago

I'm really hoping it isn't. It is a great concept, and a bit different to WW2 shooters.

Omegasyde4449d ago

I don't think RARE is going to bounce back to the fame it had with goldeneye/Killer Instinct soon.

But if Killer Instinct sequel pops out that would be on the level of a final Fantasy 7 remake. Microsoft you should give the fans what they want...Halo 4, Killer Instinct 2, and some how Knights of Old Republic 3.

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