Tri-Ace still uses their old game engine from 2008

The gaming community lately makes jokes about companies making games that look like "PS3" or "PS2" games. While this is such a nasty dig, there may be some truth to this in the case of tri-Ace.

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GoodGuy09113d ago

Sad really. I used to love these guys but man...they just aren't what they used to be.

phallusitator112d ago

According to the this they are exactly what they used to be…

Noskypeno113d ago

The Cod games have been using an engine built in the mid 90s. Nothing wrong with using an old engine if they update it. Bioshock used UE2 and looked better than most UE3 games. Arkham knight used UE3 and looked better than most UE4 games.

Chriswynnetbh113d ago

I would give my left nut for an infinite undiscovery pc port

shinoff2183112d ago

Sh it does suck but I enjoyed star ocean 6 the most out of any game last year. I thought it was solid af start to finish. My favorite game that year.

I'd love for Sony to get ahold of them.

shinoff2183112d ago

To late to edit but I just wanted to add not every game that comes out needs to push a consoles boundaries. Star ocean 6 looked fairly good to me.

shammgod112d ago

Yeah. They definitely squeezed every drop out of that engine for SO6. It was a fun game

nitus10112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I assume you are talking about "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness" which I do have and am still playing. IMHO it is a good game but for some reason I still prefer "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" that I played on my PS3.

As a side note I have "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time" (PS2 version) which I played on my first gen PS3 but unfortunatly the Australian version of the PS3 did not have full backwards capability like the US version did. I got so far in the game and hit a bug (advancement to a new area between two mountains) that prevented further play.

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Months after declaring Tomb Raider unaffected by layoffs, Tomb Raider dev hit with wave of layoffs

Gamesradar writes: "Embracer Group's bloodbath continues as Tomb Raider dev Crystal Dynamics reports layoffs

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has suffered a wave of layoffs just months after insisting that the ongoing staff hemorrhage at parent company Embracer Group wouldn't affect the new Tomb Raider game or the studio's collaboration with The Initiative on the Perfect Dark reboot."

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-Foxtrot20h ago

It's sad that I'm more excited for the remaster trilogy than the new game.

Snookies1220h ago

Nothing sad about that, the original three were amazing games! Can't wait to explore the Croft manor again and find all the secrets... It's been ages, so I barely remember the games these days.

Rebel_Scum1h ago

lol secrets. You know the first thing you’re gonna do is lure the butler to the freezer and shut the door on him haha.

CobraKai2h ago

Im only disagreeing because it’s not sad. Im excited as all hell for these. I can’t even remember if i played 3, but 1 and 2 are still ingrained in my mind. I love remasters and im actually excited to play these in a clean looking “ps1” mode…. i guess that would be a “pc” mode.

-Foxtrot1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I’m not sad as in “I don’t want the remasters” I’ve wanted them for years. I’m super excited.

I’m sad with how they’ve handled TR over the years, I should be super excited for their next modern release but they have nothing but the remaster trilogy.

And I’ll say it…I didn’t care all that much for the reboot trilogy, it just didn’t feel like Tomb Raider at all. Like a new IP with Tomb Raider slapped on where you “become the Tomb Raider” for 3 games

crazyCoconuts17h ago

"Crystal Dynamics made the difficult decision to part ways with 9 Brand/Marketing and 1 IT employee today due to an internal restructuring..."
Small layoff, hardly news worthy.

Tacoboto3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

With Aspyr handling the rereleases, what exactly would these CD marketing people be doing with no game release scheduled for any time soon? More yoga sessions on Twitch?

Knightofelemia16h ago

Embracer has left one hell of a mess and Tencent will be swimming around picking at the scraps.