Bully ad too rude?

The Advertising Standards Authority has heard complaints about the TV advertisement for Bully: Scholarship edition on the wii. The advertisment showed Jimmy Hopkins using a slingshot, also 2 students giving another student a wedgie and a cook sneezing into a pot and others.

According to the ASA a website over 30 people have complained about the Bully ad. Some of them said it was "offensive and distasteful and it encourages bullying to occur, while others thought it was shown at bad times .

The ASA also dismissed the complaints, "Some might find the name and content of the game to be a very very bad taste, the content of the ad was not likly to cause serious offence."

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Nintendo of America5320d ago

We at Nintendo believe in kid friendly advertising.
Why do you think we didn't advertise No More Heroes.

cooke155320d ago

Nintendo didnt publish no more heroes

Serjikal_Strike5320d ago

The 30 people complaining are all from people that got bullied when they were in school!

Azurite5320d ago

...when it's at least 30000 complaints.
May they sign a petition while they're at it.

militant075320d ago

any way that game susks i got on 360 its freaky fuucking port
pops up- graphic suck- glitchs- slow loadding
and fuucking boring games
but good for achievments

cooke155320d ago

the 360 version was known to have glitches, the wii version on the other hand was good

PoSTedUP5320d ago

the one for ps2 was awesome.

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