Greg Wondra on "Death of the Game Designer" (Part 1) | AUTOMATON Interview

AUTOMATON writes: "AUTOMATON Japan Editor-in-Chief Shuji Ishimoto was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak at length with Greg Wondra―game designer/developer of such titles as Lost Planet 3 and the Major League Baseball 2K series, family man, and all-around awesome guy―about his career, the current state of the game industry, and a column he recently wrote for Gamasutra entitled 'Death of the Game Designer', which garnered a good amount of attention in Japan after it was picked up and reported on by our Japanese sister site (Japanese language link). Greg offered some really good insights into the life and work of a game designer―both 'then' and 'now'―and if you're considering getting into a career in game design or development, then this is certainly a must-read. Today we present the first half of our two-part interview."

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WizzroSupreme1412d ago

If the game designer is dead, than long live the game designer.