This Version of Contra Stars Luke Skywalker and It’s Awesome

EB: The NicksplosionFX YouTube channel is known for taking retro video games and giving them a fresh spin, so it’s no surprise that its latest animated gaming video, Contra Wars, is the best mashup yet.

Contra Wars is one part NES Contra, and one part Star Wars, with a whole bunch of awesomeness infused in its short runtime.

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Godmars2902392d ago

Why isn't there a 2D SW lightsaber game?

deadpoolio3162392d ago

There were Super Star, Empire and Jedi for SNES....Its already been proven that Star Wars fighting games are terrible just looking at Masters of the Teras Kasi

WelkinCole2392d ago

Yeah the whole trilogy. Some of the best graphics on SNES by lucas arts.

Starscream862392d ago

Dont even need the spread gun!

mastershredder2392d ago

We used to do this stuff in Flash. Oh man, the day when Newgrounds was young.