Xbox's Phil Spencer congratulates Kudo Tsunoda; praises Tsunoda for his feedback and insight

Xbox Headman Phil Spencer is known is a nice guy and on Twitter Spencer has congratulated Tsunoda with his expanded role at Microsoft and speaks out his confidence in the former creative director of the Kinect.

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christocolus2757d ago

Wishing Kudo the best in his new role. Hope he is able to do a lot more with the uk studios than Phil Harrison.

Kingdomcome2472757d ago

He made mention awhile back that Kudo would be stepping back into the spotlight this year. I wonder if he meant this? I wouldn't think so, as this seems to have only come about in the wake of Harrison's departure. Unless they already were aware of Harrison leaving a ways in advance. Did Harrison give a 3 month's notice? Lol.

Volkama2757d ago

Pretty sure that was about hololens

Kingdomcome2472757d ago

@Volkama- That's exactly what I said whenever Phil initially said that, but I didn't see Kudo at the Win 10 event Hololens reveal. Maybe they have plans for him to speak at E3 about the Hololens, or something.

BartMoons2757d ago

Bring back the 'old' Rare!

Swonic2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )


Yetter2757d ago

good luck Kudo. Molyneux and Harrison couldn't cut it here is hoping you fare better

slate912757d ago

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer
Headman of Xbox Phil Spencer
Head Honcho Of Xbox Phil Spencer
Phil "Big Bossman" Spencer

Can we please stop with these titles lol. I love the guy too but dang lol

Naga2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Haha, nope.

Xboss Phil Spencer

700p2757d ago

Xbox god Phil Spencer

xx4xx2757d ago

X marks the Spence-Box!!!!!

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