Gearbox Talks The Future of Borderlands, Says Borderlands 3 Doesn't 'Exist' Yet

Gearbox Software Producer James Lopez talked to Examiner about the future of Borderlands and the current state of Borderlands 3.

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BitbyDeath3277d ago

Good, I would much rather they learn everything they can from the Handsome Collection before moving on.

LightDiego3277d ago

Did you play the Pre-sequel game? Is that good? Still thinking to buy it...

BitbyDeath3277d ago

I never played it so have the same question.

LordMaim3276d ago

I actually really enjoyed it, though I wish I'd waited for the PS4 version. All I could think about through the game was how chuggy it was after getting a taste of what it could of looked like with the Tales From the Borderlands series.

All told, the game is actually a really good entry in the series, and gives some additional context for Handsome Jack's slide into megalomania. He's still the best character in the series, and now I kind of wish we had him in the first game. :)

showtimefolks3277d ago

gearbox as a long time loyal fan it hurts me to not have the original borderlands in this collection, since to me and many others that's the best one and with the best DLC


"Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition" (Switch) Review \\ paulsemel

Though far from the best version, this does a mostly good job of bringing this snarky sci fi shooter to the Switch.

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Borderlands Movie "It's Bananas" Says Director Eli Roth

The upcoming Borderlands movie adaption is due for release in 2024 and "it's Bananas" says director Eli Roth recently.


Borderlands 3 coming to Switch

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition Switch has been revealed for Nintendo Switch and is already confirmed to release in October 2023.

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fsfsxii182d ago

borderline unplayable lmao

InUrFoxHole181d ago

Really like the series but each one seems more of the same to me. Needs a mix up. Tiny Tina was ok at 1st but overall meh.

gold_drake181d ago

you can only make a 1st person looter shooter so much different.

fans dont play it for the ganeplay but more for the story i would assume.

i know i did. and cause i liked the characters

InUrFoxHole181d ago

Idk but they're solid overall

FalcorMononoke181d ago

The first 3 games were great on the Switch so I'm sure this one will be good.

Profchaos181d ago

Hate to say it but this was a bad game I don't see the merit in porting it unlike the first 2