Borderlands 3 Has Now Shipped Over 18 Million Units Globally

Take-Two Interactive has revealed that Borderlands 3 surpassed 18 million sales worldwide, making it one of 2K's most successful title.

homeruz2347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Every time I played split screen with a friend it would crash... Regret...


PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for July: Borderlands 3, NHL 24, Among Us

All playable July 2.

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LG_Fox_Brazil28d ago

Seems like I'll finally play my first NHL since the PS1 days

OtterX27d ago

Yea, I honestly have never been a follower of hockey, but I did grow up occasionally playing games here and there with some of my friends. Especially Blades of Steel NES and I honestly think my last one was one of the NHL ones on PS1 also! This may stir up some nostalgia. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, but I'll give it a go w PS+.

monkey60228d ago

Well that's a lot of nope from me.

Doesn't Among Us sell for a whopping €2.50 anyway?

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phoenixwing28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Never bought borderlands 3 since they picked that Jesus mockery of a photo. Was not impressed. There was literally no reason to use it other than to be blasphemous. There's no angels or demons in the game yet they had to be profane toward God and go out of their way to do it.

monkey60228d ago

I'd have said that cover art was easily the best thing about the game. Shame they neutered the humour in game so much.


Driving boring ass mainline Christians into rage fits is reason enough. Are you not entertained? 'cause we are...

(Also the third game revolves around the radicalization os Bandits and Psychos into the cult Children of the Vault which see the female twin as literally a goddess, in fact the whole franchise always made extensive use of tropes such as cult like factions and villains with a Messiah complex, so it's fitting, however a logical rebuttal to your whining is just less fun).

phoenixwing28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

No the point is they could easily have pictured a character from the game who they're worshipping but instead go after Christians. If they were so altruistic to stop and point out radicalization as if they're brave people they would have put Allah on the cover but oh no we can't upset them because instead of taking it in stride they'd have to actually confront the Muslims who would be outraged. But yeah let's do our weak attempts at being edgy on people who are more mature toward others. Basically all you atheists like to punch down why not go to an Arab country and protest.

Hofstaderman27d ago

@phoenixwing Allah is the arabic word for God used by Christians in the region too.

DarXyde27d ago


I can think of a few reasons why the Jesus imagery works better.

1. The intended audience would understand Christian imagery more than Islamic imagery. I'll also add that it's fascinating to observe Christian whataboutisms largely run to Islam to criticize when they feel attacked.

2. If you're trying to sell a game in more countries, there's literally only one Christian theocracy in the world. Do you think B3 not selling in Vatican City has the same impact as being shut out of the multiple Muslim theocracies globally?

3. Islam has an image problem in countries with high Christian populations in the modern era due largely to 11 September. There are people outraged by Hamas' actions without any willingness to engage with the context of how it happened. The Zionists are pretty supportive of the ongoing genocide of innocent civilians. In light of this, your imagery complaint feels very entitled if I'm being honest.

If you want to take it as a W, perhaps the devs in a weird, islamophobic way see Christians as being more tolerant of such imagery being used...? That you can disapprove and boycott without violence? I don't really know.

It's fine if you don't play the game on the basis that it upsets you, though as a member of a racial group that either gets dunked on routinely or pushed forward to further some tolerance agenda, I've learned to laugh at it. If I can learn to do that for immutable characteristics, you can for your beliefs.

You don't have to.... But you can.

thorstein27d ago


"Atheists like to punch down"

You poor, oppressed Christian.

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MrBaskerville28d ago

Sounds like it was overall a goof decision. Nothing wrong with some blasphemy.

Profchaos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You missed nothing the game sucked key reason why it was selling for under 5 bucks not even a year after launch

Chance_of_Raine27d ago

I used to be like you, then I realized its all a fraud. You'll wake up, when and if you want to, in your own time.

thorstein27d ago

I bet you think pronouns shouldn't be taught in elementary school.

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RhinoGamer8828d ago

Compared to June, this list is fantastic.

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Shane Kim27d ago

Hell no! It had Crusader kings and anno!
But city builders/4x aren't that popular among console users.