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The introductory moments of Moon Studios' Ori and the Blind Forest immerse you in the very powerful and emotional story of two unlikely friends, Ori and Naru.

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gangsta_red2767d ago

Safe to say we have a hit on our hands. Good to see reviewers and critics loving this game. This game looks like a lot of passion, heart and more importantly personality went into it.

Sometimes that is what a lot of games missing, and it shows.

Good to see the metacritic so high for this game. Good Job goes to the fine people over at Moon Studios(?) and good job to MS for backing this project. I'm sure they knew this game was going to be a hit.

whoyouwit042767d ago

this game is scoring very well I am really surprised a AA (This is not a indie) game score this high.

Foehammer2767d ago

This game is blowing the doors off everything that's been released in 2015.