First Source 2 Screens From Aperture Demo

The first confirmed Source 2 screens are now available publicly, coming out of the Aperture demo demonstrated at GDC 2015.

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kaiserfranz2385d ago

Quite honestly, I was hoping for much more...This seems like a slightly improved Source. I mean, Unreal Engine 4 is leagues ahead of this

Alexious2385d ago

Yeah, I doubt it'll be competitive with either Unreal Engine 4 or even Unity 5.

Concertoine2385d ago

I think its just these two stills. Those two leaked screens of L4D2 in source 2 from a couple of months ago looked good.

kaiserfranz2385d ago

@concertoine: true, those looked way better, let's hope to see more at E3

TheRealTedCruz2385d ago

From those shots, agreed.
But I have seen other images and, if most developers can realistically aim for the same level of fidelity, it is a major step forward from the current engine.

Time will tell.

lazyboyblue2384d ago

Valve aren't ones for multi million dollar showcases like Epic and Crytek. This is probably something they had a group of interns slap together over a weekend.
Their reward was likely cheese and onion crisps and a Headcrab Steam trading card or something.

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Timesplitter142385d ago

Just keep in mind that this was a VR demo, which means they have to render the scene twice (one for each eye) and some fancier graphics stuff is still incompatible with VR, according to my experimentations with oculus

hiredhelp2385d ago

Just stop with the Half life Apeal images you tease.
On topic this -> "Vulkan, as we mentioned earlier, is the official name of Khronos‘ Next Generation OpenGL Initiative and it’s a cross-platform 3D graphics API which will allow developers to extract the most out of the hardware, similarly to DirectX 12 and Mantle; this pretty much means that Valve’s engine could very well be used not only for PC but also for consoles, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One"

seems valve looking to get into the API business.

Alexious2385d ago

Valve just wants to disengage itself from Microsoft, which is why they're promoting their competitor Vulkan.

Mostafeto2385d ago

It looks really good and I need to try one of those out myself. Also bringing Valve's engine to consoles would be great!

2384d ago
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