OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Review | The Vita Lounge

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"I remember very clearly that day just over a year ago when I finally got to hop on board and push on with OlliOlli - and man was I impressed. Over the past thirteen months I’ve been sinking many an hour into the pursuit of that perfect run, that epic trick sequence, or that number one position on the daily grind or a spot (I held one of each a few times, however brief they lasted). After a week with OlliOlli2 however, I doubt I’ll ever venture to turn on the first game for a bit of fun again.

That’s because while OlliOlli was an amazingly addictive and well-rounded first step into the genre, OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is the equivalent of a quantum leap forward."

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TylerOlthoff3271d ago

Awesome review Kyle for an awesome game! I really need to play more of this.

teflontactics3271d ago

Yes, you do. Come at my scores! :)

Paul_Murphy3271d ago

I'm so terrible at this but I do love it. So much better than the first.

Although the latter levels can go off somewhere and die.

teflontactics3270d ago

It's all about timing, Paul! Train yourself to have faster reflexes ;)

liamlangan3270d ago

Glad to see this scored incredibly well, the improvements over the first game are incredible


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Nacho_Z1079d ago

Gris is a good game. Absolutely amazing art style, one of the best looking games I've ever played, with a great soundtrack, but a clever puzzle platformer too.

Highrevz1079d ago

Devolver Digital has published some amazing Indie games over time. Shame there’s no mention of Katana Zero.
I finished Observation earlier today and loved it.


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