Blockbuster Gaming – CounterSpy | Player2

Player2 takes a quick look at this great 2D platformer currently available as a part of the PS+ program

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Footyspacecadet3327d ago

I have been having a blast with this. Perfect on the Vita.


Declassifying CounterSpy, Sony's Best Forgotten Stealth Game

CounterSpy from Dynamighty was an outstanding PlayStation stealth action game with a silly alt-history Cold War. It has been completely forgotten. Why?

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Rangerman12081519d ago

Remembered playing this on my Vita. Was very underrated.

MrGameAndWatch1518d ago

I loved this game! Played on PS4 and Vita (for the platinum), art style and gameplay were incredible. I think it was also part of PS+. A cool proc generated stealth game!

Skate-AK1518d ago

It was a PS+ game. None of the versions have a Platinum trophy though.

MrGameAndWatch1518d ago

In french, we have an expression where "platinum" means obtaining all trophies.

status4041518d ago

I still play this game, mostly on the Vita but also on the PS4. Was sad when the servers were turned off to play against other player's progress. It still is a great game.

Elda1518d ago

The game was really fun. I was hoping they would had made a sequel by now.

gangsta_red1518d ago

Wow, i never heard of this game but it looks fantastic. Going to have to put this on the list of games to get.

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