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Jon Iro of RGN reviews Counterspy (Currently free for PS Plus members): "Counterspy is a crazy cool mix of side-scroller elements combined with stealth and shooting moments that work out well. Two dimensional and three dimensional art styles are mixed together providing the best of both worlds in this indie-style title developed by Dynamighty and published by Sony Computer Entertainment."

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DuoBrian2824d ago

Not my cup of tea but I can see the interest in this game.

LightDiego2823d ago

Soon i will play this game, looks awesome indeed.

rdgneoz32823d ago

Same, been busy with Helldivers, OlliOlli2, and Valiant Hearts.

creeping judas2823d ago

Now let me just state, I am not a fan of indie games, but I downloaded Valiant Hearts and I have been blown away by this story driven 2d platformer/puzzle game!!
Sorry to go off topic here.

MysticStrummer2823d ago

Cool little game. Randomly generated levels, nice art style. I like.

Elda2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Finished this game already & it was fun,now that it's free I recommend people to get it now!

-Ghost2823d ago

I will play this soon once I'm done with Olli Olli 2