The Evil Within: The Assignment is Now Available to Download

While many are spending their Monday nights finishing up work or homework assignments, another assignment has just been put on your plate courtesy of Bethesda.

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LoneWanderer093276d ago

Haven't even played the first one considering all i hear is that the game gets repetitive and that it gets to a point of not being scary. I will eventually end up play it, but for now i'll just wait for the price drop.


5 Terrifying Games on Xbox Game Pass to Play This Halloween

Xbox Game Pass continues to bring quality titles for gamers no matter the genre, but this time we here at CGMagazine have compiled a list of spine-tingling titles to celebrate the spooky season with.

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RavenWolfx125d ago

The Dead Space Remake gets added to GamePass 10/26, definitely worth playing through.


The Epic Game Store Has Some Scary Freebies for You

The Epic Game Store's weekly freebies includes a game to give you nightmares.

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A Look at the Best Horror Games of All Time, From the Past and Present

Enter a world of terror and darkness with this list comprising the best horror games of all time, featuring old and new titles.

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Kaii297d ago

Bioshock 1 only has the intro though, would you kindly pick up that radio? :p

Levii_92297d ago

Original FEAR is a goddamn masterpiece

oIMyersIo297d ago

Was playing Alien: Isolation again a few weeks ago, still holds up and the AI is incredible.

F.E.A.R. was another amazing game, shame the series went downhill with 2 and then fell off entirely with F3AR.

Couldn’t get into Fatal Frame, bought the remaster on PS5 and just…couldn’t.

DeathTouch296d ago

Fatal Frame 2 is an underrated masterpiece.

gold_drake296d ago

omg that game freaked me out haha

Abnor_Mal296d ago

One of my favorite games, would love to see a remake.

gold_drake296d ago

i still think Haunting Ground is one of the best.

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