17 Weeks In, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Basically Working

Patrick Klepek writes, "I'd been reading the latest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection improved the game's notoriously bad matchmaking, so I decided to load up the game to see if this was actually true."

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crazychris41241846d ago

Glad to see the game is out of beta, havent touched it in months. Too bad with GTA heists and other games coming out I wont touch this for a while. This has to stop I'm sick of buying games at launch only to put them back in the shelf because they dont work. BF4 was broken for a year, Halo:MCC was broken for more then 3 months, who knows whats going on with AC Unity I hear some saying its fine and others saying its still a mess. Just not gonna pre order and I wont buy it the 1st week unless I hear 90% of players reporting minimal problems.

otherZinc1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

17 weeks in and:

I have 1,475 Achievement Points for HMCC.

Since day 1, 17 weeks ago, it's been Campaign & Campaign Co-op.

Beat Halo MCC on Legendary in Halo 1, Halo 3, & Halo 4. Beat Halo 2 on Heroic, about to play on Legendary Mode.

Beat all Halo MCC games in Campaign Co-op, about to take down Halo 1 in Campaign Co-op next.

Currently playing Spartan Ops, on stage 5 now.

Also, the Movie Halo Nightfall was a fine addition.

Yeah, I've been enjoying some Halo Master Chief Collection! I've done a lot in 17 weeks with
4 great games, running on 5 different engines, + Spartan Ops, and soon to welcome Halo:ODST.

I must say, what a value for $60.

Naga1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Agreed. With all the outspoken rage being flung about on the internet, I felt like a member of the silent minority... quietly content with some of the greatest FPS campaign content I have had the pleasure experiencing.

ThePope1846d ago

The best value in gaming ever.

nowitzki20041846d ago

But I have been there and done that with Xbox, and Xbox 360.

Naga1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

@ nowitzki2004

I didn't know you could play Halo 2: Anniversary on either of those consoles.

I definitely didn't know you could play all of those games in full HD at 60fps in one place without switching disks for only $60.

I guess if you've already been there and done that, you had a very different Xbox and Xbox 360 than everyone else.

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Foehammer1846d ago

Congrats 343

You took games from gen 6 and gen 7 and made them all run on gen 8

Outstanding value

DemonSlayer4201846d ago ShowReplies(2)
spicelicka1846d ago

All run seamlessly in one system, that's 5 engines integrated into one that have to switch back and forth. It's not as simple as it sounds and i sure haven't seen it being done anywhere else.

OdieEsty1846d ago

To be fair the campaigns always ran fine, it was the match making that had issues. They ported 3 games, one of which never had match making and the other 2 had match making on different services, and then tried to compile them all together so you could swap from one to the other fairly quickly. Not only that, but the colelctionw as being developed by several different teams, AND 343i's main team was making their own game. It was a bigger undertaking than people give them credit for. Of course this doesn't excuse the problems of the MCC, but it gives some cotnext to them.

Septic1846d ago

Tried it on the weekend and yup, its finally working as intended. Took way too long though. I think the community numbers have taken a massive hit.

Bennibop1846d ago

I moved on months ago, so do many other people I know. It has been appalling though, 17 weeks after release to get a game working which should have been from day one.

qwerty6761846d ago

well they're switching out the ACU Bundle for the MCC one

should be a new influx of players coming in.

pompombrum1846d ago

Yeah I think it took a huge hit, playing the slayer playlist and the general selections picked, it seems that the majority left are the long term Halo fans.

DemonSlayer4201846d ago

you do mean the rabid delusional Halo fanboys don't you?

DivoJones1846d ago

Yeah I expect a vast majority of the player base has moved on at this point.. and rightfully so. For a November launch to just now be stable/working is unacceptable.

Moldiver1846d ago

I stepped into some BTB goodness and yes indeed it works like its supposed to now. Finally! forgot how much I loved objective based game types like CTF on sandtrap :)

yesterday me and my team went and stole the other teams big tank base thingy. By the time we got back to our spawn the other team was making off with ours. Then madness ensued.I love halo.

christocolus1846d ago

Lol.Halo got me into playing fps on consoles. Its a great game and im glad the issues have all been fixed.

Bigpappy1845d ago

You are not alone in that. Before Halo, It was thought FPS could only be done right on PC. Pretty much every FPS that followed has copied that control scheme.

DemonSlayer4201846d ago

And this POS game has an 85 on Metacritic. If that doesn't indicate that Metacritic is more broken than this game's MP I don't know what does.

TheRedButterfly1846d ago

Or maybe it is a reflection of a game with four incredibly well-received single-player campaigns (H:CE=97, H2=95, H3=94, H4=87) that have worked from Day One, despite the broken multiplayer.

Did you even consider that? or were you to eager to jump on the already incredibly exaggerated hate train?

That's what I thought. GG.

LifeInNZ1846d ago

I was disappointed about the broken multiplayer however, i still have not finished replaying the campaigns! Even without the MP it was a fantastic value release however, for those that still play Halo MP its just the icing on the cake to have it all fixed.

I'm so looking forwarrd to Halo ODST as their way of saying sorry.

As for Demons comments it amazes me how someone can be so immature towards something they dont or will ever own.

christocolus1845d ago


Give it a rest already. you are the same person who said the order deserved a 9.8/10, atleast it shows metacritic is less biased than you are.

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