Big Versus: Civilization IV and Revolution

Comparing Civilization Revolution to Civ4 feels like going to the groceries. There's a set list of what you expect to get but sometimes you notice something you didn't originally imagine you'd want. Specifically, a simple Civilization was never on our minds.

Conceptually, a console focused Civilization seems plausible considering the push consoles have recently had with real-time strategy games. Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth, Command and Conquer 3 and, most recently, Supreme Commander have all made the jump to the console platform. Traditionally known as a slower game, due to its turn-based gameplay, Civ4 makes sense as a console experience. The major difference between all of the RTS ports mentioned and Civilization Revolution is its vision. CivRev is a complete reworking of the series in a way no other strategy game has attempted before. But is it an experience PC players want?

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