Naughty Dog On How They Reached 60FPS In TLOU Remastered: Their PS4 Engine Evolution

In a talk at GDC 2015, Naughty Dog's Christian Gyrling explained the challenges of reaching 60FPS in The Last of Us: Remastered.

It wasn't easy at all and the engine needed to be partly rewritten, as they weren't hitting 60FPS two months before launch.

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Festano2768d ago

They did a great job. Here you can see the software houses that are worth.

Crazyglues2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

See this is what I don't understand, shouldn't Sony have an amazing Game-Engine (one they keep improving) for 1st party developers on the PS4, Something that already pushes the system tech to a new levels - that game companies can use to get there games running amazing...

I mean why force these companies to try to get an engine to work on the system when you can cut that game time in half by helping these developers.

Like if you already have an amazing way to do trees - (speed Tree) for example, pass that on to the developers..

Just seems the more help they get the better, it's a win win.. they make games only for PS4 and they can really do amazing games with the extra support.

rainslacker2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The API's used in their in house engines are available in their SDK to be adapted to other game engines. Most companies develop their game engines in house, or license one. For multi-plat games(the most common) then the engine developers usually have these API's built in.

I wouldn't doubt that Sony would license out their engine to a 2nd party dev upon request, and likely have something like it within their SDK.

Sony is pretty open with helping devs utilize their system. Their dev forums are spectacular IMO.

nveenio2767d ago

Amazing graphics engines already exist. If a dev can't make use of Unreal or something else, then they need to develop their own engine, because a general purpose engine (like what Sony would have to create if they created their own) wouldn't suffice any better than UDK.

vlashyr2768d ago

Wow didn't think it would be this complicated..Guess it's due to PS3 being so different.

kaiserfranz2768d ago

Yeah, just another relic from the CELL era. Luckily Cerny replaced Kutaragi and we now have a modern architecture

Alexious2768d ago

That was really necessary, and helped PS4 a ton with getting early developer support this gen.

ooquis2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

But when you think about it...the PS3 CELL is pound for pound more powerful than PS4 CPU that is 7+ years older tech. So when you think about it, the CELL is way ahead of it's time. And CELL forced devs to stop complaining and get to grips with multicore CPU and multicore technology because it was and is the future now!

_-EDMIX-_2768d ago

Agreed. A lot of it is due to how the Cell was vs just hitting 60fps, many developers can do that when porting a game from last gen (I think almost all games ported are that setting)

But because it was a CELL exclusive, its really why it as a challenge.

I don't think folks need to led to believing that 60fps in general is a "Challenge" as its simple to achieve.

It merely means the game will suffer based on having lessor effects turned on, textures etc.

BUT if its a port, it won't do anything as a port was originally already running on lessor to begin with, 60fps would only help.

But that is only referring to ports, not ground up next gen only titles.

I think people need to relax on trying to call out devs for not doing 1080p 60fps because most don't fully understand just how stripped they need to make the game to actually get that.

its not that its hard, its merely that they are left with a "meh" looking game compared to their competitors.

Forza 5 is a great example, the crowds, lack of effects, weather etc juts to get a number.

Its just not something to be proud of when you have crap to show for it.

YET Driveclub is one of the best looking racers this gen....doesn't run 30fps. They seeked to look superior vs making their game lessor JUST to hit a number.

PC gamers very much understand this concept.....

_-EDMIX-_2768d ago

"this gen....doesn't run 60fps" edit

ps5fanboy2768d ago

Im loving this game , £17.99 and one of, if not the best game I've ever played , totally awesome in its storyline and vicerilism.

uth112768d ago

lol at that "15.5ms ship it!" slide

Muzikguy2768d ago

That is funny. I'm also happy they did all that and strived for 60fps "as promised". Too many other devs out there over promise and don't deliver

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