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From the preview: "“Sorcerer King” (SK) is a turn-based strategy-RPG hybrid in the “Heroes of Might and Magic” vein. The setting is a post-apocalyptic medieval land full of treasures, wandering monsters, and large sewer openings. Yes, a post-apocalyptic medieval land – it turns out that medieval lands look pretty much the same whether it is before an apocalypse or after it."

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New Sorcerer King: Rivals DLC Lets You Become a God

Why stop him becoming a God when you can become one yourself.

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Kramerica132662d ago

Oh my god. #Seewhatididthere


Stardock Announces Massive Steam Sale

Stardock, one of the the longest running indie developers in the video game industry, has launched an intergalactic RTS Steam sale to end all RTS Steam sales.

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Digital_Anomaly2990d ago

That's a lot of RTS games... time I just don't have! Like I need my backlog to get any bigger!

GrapesOfRaf2990d ago

Ya it's a pretty decent sale but The Taken King, MGSV, Fallout 4 soon... too many games.

generalwinter2990d ago

Always wanted to try Galactic Civilizations III


Sorcerer King (PC) Review | CGM

Sorcerer King features some of the most refreshingly original mechanics I’ve seen to-date in a 4X turn-based strategy. The Sorcerer King has already conquered the realm of Elemental by the time you begin, and the decision was made—in traditional Bond-villain fashion—to reduce each race to a single city, rather than eradicate them entirely. In an equally unwise decision, the Forge of the Overlord—an incredibly powerful artifact with the ability to craft potions, scrolls, and equipment of legendary potency—was trusted to one of the now enslaved factions (spoiler alert: it’s yours). Oh, and he’s casting a Spell of Making—a spell that, if completed, will convert the living world into a limitless supply of magical energy for him.

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