One Hardcore Dude Has Managed to Beat Crota's End Without Firing Off a Single Shot

Anybody who has attempted Destiny's raids alone will know the pain and tear inducing difficulty that leads to rage quitting and throwing the controller across the room, so it's all the more impressive that one chap has managed to go through the hardest raid in the game (so far) all on his lonesome.

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JWiLL5522393d ago

The sad part is that people actually pay/donate money to streamers.

I mean...why?

Good for them I guess.

plut0nash2393d ago

I meant the fact that it was beaten with Melee :) Streamers can be good, because they can be fun to watch :P

BC_Master_Haze2393d ago

Don't really see why it's sad, it's their passion and someone is generous enough to let them attempt to do it for a living

Yardragon2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

this is just the last check point.
to add, "that's a little sad" agreed.

RocknRolla2393d ago

Hahahah what a sad title and even sadder this site is doing a kotaku now. Only site that keeps posting this stuff is kotaku so dualshockers definitely struggling for hits and this is the last checkpoint. So better to update the title and not mislead readers. He beat it from the last checkpoint. People might think he beat the whole thing with out firing. Sensational headline.

pulsarinferno2393d ago

... Hes doing Normal mode with chalice id like to see on hard mode

Neonridr2393d ago

it'll happen eventually, lol.

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