An interview with Anatoly Subbotin

Gamers Universe writes: "Anatoly Subbotin is PR Manager at Moscow-based publisher 1C Company, and one of the production bods behind wintery PC shooter Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason. Tipped as a Russian Bioshock and featuring disturbing lifelike thermal physics, Cryostasis sees player character Alexander Nesterov dispatched to investigate the frozen wreck of the North Star, an old nuclear ice-breaker. Once aboard the ruined vessel, our hero finds the majority of its crew dead at the hands of chillingly silent (or should that be 'silently chilling'?) allegorical monstrosities. Trapped between the merciless Antarctic climate and his mutant adversaries, Alexander must call on a range of makeshift weapons together with his own, extraordinary abilities if he's to unravel the mystery of the North Star."

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