The First Person Shooters That Time Forgot

Not all First Person Shooters will go do in history as a legend. What about the shooters that didn’t quite hit the mark? The hidden gems or the forgotten ‘next big thing’ which didn’t even turn out to be a small thing? Or perhaps the first-person shooter that was so damned awful that everybody tried to forget it exists?

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Patashnik1700d ago

Loved XIII - great shooter!

ATi_Elite1700d ago


Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason = This was a nice game. The water Physics, over all physics, and eye candy were TOP NOTCH thus the high system requirements. Nice pick up for those who couldn't run it on Ultra back in the day.

OrangePowerz1699d ago

Star Trek Voyager: Elite.

creatchee1699d ago

Project: Snowblind was a pretty awesome game that never got the love it deserved.

WeAreLegion1699d ago

Oh, come on... Some of these are good. XIII, Cryostasis, and NOLF are my favorites on here. Nobody forgot NOLF though. Huge fan base for the two original titles!

But then we see Haze and Legendary. Seriously? Legendary is horrible! No gamer would say otherwise. It's just trash.

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The story is too old to be commented.