Player Requested Changes Shown In Gameplay For Destiny

Alex from AGR has not fancied going back to the half arsed world of Destiny again since the review, but our Zoe still seems to enjoy it with friends and some fans of the game have even gone as far as creating a unique video of what their specific game changes would look like. As a gamer who can’t call himself a fan of the game, even I can see that the changes actually make a lot of sense and could make the game a bit more enjoyable.

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Palitera2757d ago

This was sadly funny.

You guys should definitely do more of this.

victorMaje2757d ago

Ha! great vid, & the changes most definitely make so much sense!
If Bungie didn't think of those earlier, why not listen to the fans & do it now? Come on Bungie, you can do it!

abradley2756d ago

Exactly, not like some of them would take a huge amount of work. Skipping cutscenes for example should be very little coding to simply bypass the scenes in the game.

Better yet, have an option before starting missions with cutscenes that asks if you want to autoskip all scenes.

BEASELY2757d ago

My friends and I have said just about all of these and countless more what-ifs for hours at a time. There's too much.