Character Assassination: Ogre

WASDuk's weekly Character Assassination takes on Tekken 3's end boss; Ogre.


Top 7 Tekken Songs To Get Pumped Up For Battle

Tekken is an outstanding fighting game series that has repeatedly upped the ante in both graphics and mechanics, but what’s just as exciting are the games’ soundtracks. Here are the Top 7 Tekken songs from across the series to get you pumped up for battle!

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25 Years Later – 'Tekken 3' Fights On To 2022

In 1997, Tekken 3 seemed like a glance of the future. 25 years later, does it still have a fighting chance?

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KingofBandits507d ago

Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag were the pinnacle of the series imo. so much variety, good balance and mini games that were crazy addictive. Fighting games have kind of fell off a lot since those days. Outside of Tekken SoulCalibur 2 was in my opinion a near perfect fighter. Shame the genre has gone the way of DLC hell and designed around eSports

Kurisu506d ago

If Tekken 3 is available through PS Plus Premium then I'll cry tears of joy.

specialguest506d ago

That time when it was released in the arcade was also at the height of the arcade era (not including the early 80s era), before arcades started to decline. It was a fun time back then

Unknown_Gamer5794506d ago

Unfortunately, fighting games lend themselves well to DLC and season passes, even more so than most other genres, and even more unfortunately, devs behind these games know it. Content such as characters, modes, stages and even costumes/skins are all things that could be put behind paywalls, and it all seems to fit the genre like a glove. For the above reason, we will likely never go back to the days of fighting games being sold to us as complete packages, which is all the more reason why I appreciate retro titles.

I don't have anything to add on the eSports scene as I don't follow it.

Tekken 3 holds a special place in my heart as it was my first real introduction to fighting games. Well, it was the first one I owned at least, and got me into the genre. I had come across games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat in arcades, and visited friends with Super Nintendos to get my butt kicked at whatever then current fighting game they had.

It wasn't until I was in the 3rd grade and got my PS1 that I really had the opportunity to dive into a fighting game with Tekken 3, and what a ride it was. I unlocked everything, and I mean everything, from characters and modes to alternate costumes, and yes, I even unlocked the secret characters. Man, I miss that game so much, and yeah, I also miss the days when a game like that could have so much content for a single price of admission.

ROCKY28506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Playing this game on dreamcast with improved textures thanks to Bleem is incredible!

Tetsujin506d ago

Tekken 3 is what a fighting game should be in terms of balance and replayability. The character variety, mini games, special characters, the endings, the sound track, the game set a standard in fighting games.

Then along came Tekken Tag arcade, the arcade game that brought me back into the scene after conquering Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.

Then Capcom vs SNK

Then Capcom vs SNK 2


10 PS1 Games We'd Love To See On PlayStation Plus Premium

The PS1 will go down as one of the best consoles ever made, so here's some games that could celebrate its legacy via PS Plus Premium.

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Kaii531d ago

Digimon World 3
Tomba 2

530d ago
Knushwood Butt531d ago

Silent Hill

Even if I have it on disc and can play on my PS3.

VersusDMC531d ago

Games i would definitely replay and that don't have a superior remaster released

Dino Crisis 1/2
Fear Effect 1/2
Parasite eve 1/2
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire 4
Rival Schools

SDuck530d ago

you're the first person I find online showing some love by one of my all time favourites, Breath of Fire IV!!

isarai531d ago

I mean if they have some form of improvements

Ape escape
Fighting force
Strider 1&2
Rival Schools

Are the ones that come to mind