Lenovo Y70 Gaming Laptop Review | The Game Scouts

Palmer Sturman: Lenovo has been an exceptional name in the laptop universe for quite some time. People have grown to expect a certain quality from the brand, and the new Y70 gaming laptop surely lives up to the name. It’s a perfect entry-level gaming laptop that, while heavy (approximately 7 LBS), is not unreasonable. The matte black brushed metal finish feels sturdy and the red highlights add a striking prose to its overall appearance. The Y70’s massive 17 inch display is breathtaking and displays colors quite well. Combine this with the outstanding responsiveness of the touch screen, and you have the first touch laptop that has ever made me actually want to use touch over standard mouse movements. The specs are relatively balanced, offering significant power without milking your wallet dry, and though I think the Y70’s mobile GPU could have been upgraded to something a bit more current, it certainly gets the job done.

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