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Square Enix Purposely Ignores Sony Handhelds In New Survey

Square Enix has released a new questionnaire that they claim will “shape the future" of the company. In the eighth and ninth questions, Square Enix asks which of the listed platforms the user owns and plays the most, with Sony's handhelds ignored.

Square Enix's upcoming PS Vita slate includes Final Fantasy Agito+, Rise of Mana, SAGA2015 and a re-release of Star Ocean 2. Their latest release on the handheld was Deadman’s Cross on February 17th, 2015.

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Remove Deadman's Cross, Final Fantasy Agito Plus, Rise Of Mana, SaGa 2015, Sony, and Star Ocean: The Second Evolution The story is about the Square enix survey and very loosely on the hand held units.
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Community3360d ago
yuukiliu3361d ago

And the Wii U and the 3DS.

gokuking3361d ago

No, they've added those in.

yuukiliu3360d ago

Hmm, when I saw this report on a different site earlier in the morning they hadn't added those two.

IrisHeart3360d ago

Um they have that rhythm game and the Default series...

gantarat3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

SQ : Bye VITA.

gokuking3360d ago

For a company saying "bye," they're sure releasing a lot of content ...

LemonSlice3360d ago

Yet a New SaGa game was announced exclusively for the Vita

MeteorPanda3360d ago

but why? It's a good handheld. Damn sony and not even trying to keep the vita alive..

BloodAddiction3360d ago

Vita is doing well in japan, if only they would localize most japanese games on it it might do well

urwifeminder3360d ago

Just like everyone else it seems lol.

GokuSolosAll3360d ago

There's no logical reason not to include it. It cannot hurt anything, it's just more data. Video game companies are out of touch. People think they're perfect but people run them and in case anyone doesn't know, people are not fail-proof. Often they're idiots, regardless of position (look at politics).

I truly believe that Square is run by apes.

Beetey3360d ago

It just makes no sense. Even if they completely hated the Vita (which it doesn't seem like they do), the only outcome of leaving it off the survey is that it causes the data to be less accurate.

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Square Enix Is Going Multiplatform; The Layoffs & Its Past Don't Inspire Confidence

After its latest games didn't meet sales targets, Square Enix is going multiplatform but the company's track record isn't convincing.

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Community4d ago
Scissorman3d ago

Square Enix been multiplatform for decades, a few exclusively-deals doesn't make them any less multiplatform.

fr0sty3d ago

Nor is selling their games on a console with only 25 million install base going to bring their sales to where they hope they will be... Unless they somehow manage to dumb down FF7 trilogy to work on switch, they aren't going to have much luck. They already released it on PC, after all.

anast3d ago

Where are you getting that number?

SegaSaturn6693d ago

It kind of does, giving preference to a certain platform by timed exclusivity. Console ports generally feel superior. Legend of mana PC port extremely broken