Divinity Original Sin PC Review - DJ Podcasts

Leon from DJ Podcasts writes "A return to the old, traditional RPG’s and a very strong one. It has the rare feature of reminding me of the best of the pen and paper. A metric tonne of options and twice that in fun."

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5 Things Found In Games You'd Think Are Fake But Are Actually Real

Cory at HPP writes: "Video games thrive on making the unreal displayed before our very eyes. Fantastical lands, creatures, and gadgets you could only dream of, fiction finds refuge in these digital realms. Yet, there’s a good amount of times where things that seem like another tall tale wind up actually having a grain of truth. Today, we’ll be taking a little glimpse into a little assortment of trinkets and stories from our favorite video games and finding those clever grains of truth hiding in them."

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Farming Sim Coral Island Surpasses $1 Million on Kickstarter With 9 Days to Go

Coral Island is on track to be one of the most successful Kickstarter games of all time. It has unlocked 13/14 Stretch Goals so far, and it even looks like it will surpass successful games like Divinity: Original Sin and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Top 10 of the Most Fun Side Quests in Gaming

KeenGamer: "From Borderlands 2 to Kingdom: Come Deliverance, here are the top 10 of the most fun side quests in video games. We don't have to save the world or find untold treasures. Get killed, trying to be a hero or to make life-and-death decisions. For once, let's just keep it fun!

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psychosmurf1011413d ago

The Witcher 3 is the pinncle example of how to do engaging side quests.

medman1412d ago

I love ME2's Lair of the Shadow Broker.