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There was a period of time, through the 1990s and into the early 2000s, when many game critics and analysts speculated that PC gaming was on its last legs. They argued that the platform had become a creative backwater, and would soon be completely overtaken by modern consoles thanks to their burgeoning, easy-to-use online capabilities.


Minecraft Bedrock Introduces Official Add-Ons To Marketplace

Minecraft Bedrock is introducing add-ons to the marketplace. The add-ons can now be added to many existing and new worlds.

Jin_Sakai2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Nice! Next up, shaders on consoles.

“A new update is improving how mods work for Minecraft Bedrock. Mojang has introduced add-ons to the marketplace.”

“These add-ons can now easily be added to new and existing worlds instead of being tied to a single world.
There are plenty of free and paid add-ons that will let you customize just about anything in your world.”

OtterX1d ago

So RayTracing is no longer locked to the NVIDIA maps? I know there was a workaround, but it will be nice to have easier access to all worlds.


Minecraft Reveals "New" Mob, the Bogged

Today Mojang revealed a new (or new-ish, I suppose) mob that will be introduced in Minecraft for the upcoming major update 1.21, the Bogged.

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-Foxtrot9d ago

Ooo a reskinned Skeleton that fires poison arrows huh? Must have took them 6 long gruelling months to develop.

Abriael9d ago

Probably 6 developers, painting 10 pixels each.

jznrpg9d ago

MS is drip feeding content literally. Wow one mob everyone once in a while that will keep kids interested. . My young kids slowly quit playing Minecraft since they haven’t done much to add onto it in years.

northpaws9d ago

I have a feeling Minecraft would have been much better stayed as independent.

Inverno8d ago

It's not like they can't work on something else or do more with Minecraft, they just choose to be this lazy. They've already pulled the plug on their last spinoff, even quicker than their first. Bunch of unimaginative hipsters sitting on a gold mine so why put in any effort?

AAWELLS094h ago

This is the type of low effort you get when you have a bunch of soys working for the company

Lionsguard8d ago

Imagine taking a year to release an update that barely has anything new and then creating a huge "community event" where the community gets to vote half of it away and everyone cheers.


But Is Grind Actually Fun?

Grind is found in a great many games these days, so much so that one could be convinced that it's all a part of the fun. But is that really true?

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thorstein9d ago

As a long time Dragon Quest fan, the answer is yes. Grinding is a lot of fun.

shinoff21839d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I also like grinding in rpgs. I get it it's not everyone's tea but when I see level caps and things of that nature it turns me off. I'll come home from work and just be beat, so I just run around grinding. I'm using dq11 as my example because it was brought up.

The article brought up persona 3 reloaded. Idk what to tell you. I'm glad it's like that.

Themba769d ago

Not when the grind exceeds 15hrs a day then it’s worse than a full time job

GoodGuy099d ago (Edited 9d ago )

If the results in the end are good and it isn't insane then yes. Although persona 3 reload could...use a money reward boost lol.

Ataraxias9d ago

Just get the rare enemy fortune before you go to Tartarus. Haven't ever struggled for money because of it.

SDuck9d ago

depends how it's done. If it offers you the chance to enjoy the combat for longer than the campaign does without wearing it down, then the grind is fun asf

TheColbertinator9d ago

If the combat has enough variety yes. Like P3R or LaD Infinite Wealth