Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Features “Micro Destruction”

Visceral Games level designer Evan Champlin detailed the destruction in the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer mode; which includes “micro destruction” and the return of Levolution.

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getrektedmate2759d ago

They should bring back the amount of destruction bad company 2 had for the next bf game. That would be awesome!

camel_toad2759d ago

Id love for battlefield to adopt a red faction level of destruction.

crazychris41242759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"Destruction is a core pillar in the Battlefield franchise and Hardline is no exception."

Yes ok the beta proved the opposite. Dust Town would have been perfect to showcase the destruction with the dozens of small buildings, the gas station and the water tower but nope. The only destructible objects on is that little levelution event at the mansion, some fences and a couple sheds. Are you kidding me? A map that small and thats all you can offer? How have we gone from completely leveled towns in Bad Company 2 which came out 5 years ago to almost nothing in Hardline with the new consoles and PC? "Oh but Chris they have an expansion that features lots of destruction, just buy that." No it should be in every map and we shouldn't have to pay just to get maps with it. I shouldn't have to pay even more money just to get the level of destruction that was in past games. Destruction was one of the reasons Bad Company 2 was praised and was so successful. 5 guys camping in a building, no problem just blow up the ground floor walls and watch them die in a collapsing building. There aren't that many games that can give you a moment like that.

Don't give me that "its cops and robbers they wouldn't be blowing up buildings" That is such a cop out if that were true then there wouldn't be police SUVs with miniguns that pop out, the cops wouldn't use high explosive grenade launchers, they wouldn't be wearing dinosaur masks and they wouldn't have a helicopter with heat seeking rockets. These things are in the game because its fun which is what destruction was in the previous games. I just don't understand why they choose to go down this path but I'm definitely not buying this at launch and I may not even pick it up until Premium edition drops to $30. Such a shame cuz it does a lot of other things well but this is a game breaker to me. Hopefully they cut out last gen consoles and ramp up the destruction in future titles.

camel_toad2759d ago

Waay too many good points you have there. Well said.

crazychris41242759d ago

Lol that name, funny bubble for you

2759d ago
ChronoJoe2759d ago

For what it's worth, Plants Vs Zombie's Garden Warfare has a similar level of environmental destruction to this game.

Not knocking PVZ, it's lots of fun... but I expect more from Battlefield as destruction is supposed to be one of the series hallmarks.

GCO Gamer2759d ago

In Battlefield 4, I was really disappointed with the destruction. After playing Bad Company on 360, I really enjoyed the destruction in that game and I taught DICE would capture a great amount of that in Battlefield 4.

getrektedmate2759d ago

I guess they decided to focus on graphics and environment detail instead of destruction. If they focused on all things the game would of probably not worked on last gen systems due to the amount of ram. Lets all hope the next game after hardline has destructible environments similar to bfbc2

GCO Gamer2759d ago

That's understandable. But, my expectations where for Battlefield 4 and 3. I expect more.

getrektedmate2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

@GCO GAMER Well they could of used Bad Company 2's engine and the graphics would of still been good... but they didnt

Torunkz2759d ago

Just give us Bad Company 3, we don't need Levolution, we made our own environment changes by destroying what we wanted...

GCO Gamer2759d ago

Indeed, we need to continue that story.

Cra2yey32759d ago

This isn't a true battlefield game. It's simply a rip off.

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The story is too old to be commented.