Freedom Planet Announced for Wii U

Hardcore Gamer: Freedom Planet officially announced for Wii U.

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SpiralTear2391d ago

This is a good console to choose for this kind of game.

Benjammin252391d ago

I really wanted a PSVita version. Hopefully it does happen if the Wii U port is successful.

randomass1712390d ago

It took them a while to announce a Wii U version. Maybe they'll announce a Vita version later!

Canary2390d ago

Is it, though? The WiiU has a glut of 2D platformers. The other consoles... not so much. Nintendo is also the only company out there making AAA 2D platformers... so I would argue it's very possibly the -worst- platform for this kind of game.

SpiralTear2390d ago

Could it be that Nintendo is making the 2D platformers because they have an audience for that genre? If the audience is there, makes sense for Freedom Planet to follow suit. Look at Shovel Knight.

wonderfulmonkeyman2391d ago

This just made me split into a very wide grin!
Best news I've heard all day!

I've had my eye on this ever since I heard about it; I honestly think that Sonic team should take notes from these people to get Sonic back into his groove, which is ironic considering this pretty closely emulates Sonic during his best days.XD

FlyingFoxy2391d ago

Just saw some footage, even the music sounds like it would belong in a sonic game. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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