TimeSplitters Rewind Developers Reveal Latest WIP Level

The developers of TimeSplitters Rewind have today unveiled new assets from their upcoming game.

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Owenza2394d ago

I always got shot to shit in that one. Fun times. :)

Mankey2394d ago

Lol same.

Will be great to get to replay it on PS4

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mrjam02394d ago

So long as they're note associated with Crytek

Valenka2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Kind of annoyed that it's a PS4 exclusive, though. Whatever, I'll just go dust off the PS2, then.

Roaddhogg2394d ago

From what I understand, they would like to put out a cross-platform release eventually, it's just they're starting out development on PC/PS4. That being said, Crytek hadn't even approved the PS4 version yet last time I heard, so that discussion is a long way off.

BitbyDeath2394d ago

I know it's still early but the graphics even at this early stage seem.... poor

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