5 Gaming Franchises That Desperately Need to Return

Like any popular entertainment medium, a significant portion of the gaming landscape is dominated by popular franchises such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario. Because videogames require a more serious financial investment from its consumers, with a typical game costing $60 as opposed to a $12 movie ticket, videogame franchises can rarely afford to falter, both creatively and technically. The results are a large number of videogame franchises going strong for decades as a result of quality sequels.

However, while gaming franchises live and die on the quality of their titles, there are several of them that, although wildly popular and highly respected, haven’t seen new entries to their rosters in a very long time. These are often the result of financial disagreements, legal fracases and various other reasons not related to fan demand, and so we’re going to be taking a look at five dormant gaming franchises that absolutely deserve a comeback right the hell now.

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Relientk772757d ago

Definitely agree with Earthworm Jim, would love to see him comeback

he's awesome

Cartmans2757d ago

Shinobi - YES
Mechwarrior - NO
Earthworm Jim - YES
Half Life - NO

Nwah2756d ago

Why the hell wouldn't you want to see a new game in those franchises? That is the stupidest mindset I've seen on this site.

Retroman2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


i personally rather play Cartman selections of games and those i've pick " New Clayfighter ,New Conkers,New Battle toads ,New Battle arena toshiden ,New Contra, New Gradius,New Metroid,New Castlevania". than same games over an over an over an over an over an over for another 7 years repititive open world military shooters, Zombie open world hack an slash gore games .
we need something New n fresh not same ol boring military -Zombie open world shooters / hack an slash games .

irishyort2756d ago

@Nwah ... sorry I have to disagree. Clearly you haven't read any of MY comments if you think this is the stupidest mindset you've seen on this site.

90% of my stupid comments are written after 1am and generally very well into a dizzy buzz. Cartmans while disagreeable are not the stupidest.

? Anyway does Fallout need to be revived... It seems to be going the way of HL and I'm getting worried now there's be no word of it for ages!

AudioEppa2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I want a sequel to burnout paradise, because no arcade/social car game has even come close to it's legendary status imo. It's not about taking cars serious, it was about the fun, the people, the locations, the big jumps, the t-bones, the music in game or custom and the rivals.

People could become best friends in that game, become enemies too or fall in love lol

Burnout Paradise was the call of duty of car games, countless hours you could put could put that game without even noticing it, it was just the perfect pick up and play online fun.

Valenka2757d ago

Definitely agree with Stalker and Half-Life. I'd like to see the James Bond, BloodRayne and Timesplitters franchises return as well.

PS4isKing_822756d ago

Give me burnout, SSX, maximo, atv: off-road fury, onimusha, klonoa, timesplitters.

paddy952756d ago

Modern warefare remaster!

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