Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to add a Claptastic Voyage on March 24th

If you’re in the mood for more Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel content, Gearbox Studios has your back. Releasing more content in the form of DLC late this month, get ready for a Claptastic Voyage on the 24th.

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JoeIsMad2763d ago

Yeah, I really like what 2K and Gearbox are doing with Borderlands, and I hope that if Duke comes back that they take their principles with it.

3-4-52763d ago

Borderlands does a lot right.

Can't wait to see BL3 at some point.

Jacktrauma2763d ago

I've really enjoyed the whole borderlands franchise. Hopefully they can keep it interesting as I can definitely see many games coming out of the stories for sure.

Jetstorm2763d ago

The only appeal for me was the multiplayer, the game as a series is definetly good though.

ROQFrost2763d ago

I love me some Borderlands

Magnus7012763d ago

Looking forward to this

OdieEsty2763d ago

Pre-Sequel's a weird game. For every step forward it takes a step back. The movement, the missions, and the humor are a considerable step up from 2, but simple things like checkpoint and spawn point placement were screwed up pretty badly. I don't know if it's worth returning to at this point. The framework is there and the game was enjoyable, but I can't say sinking more money into it is a good idea.

KwietStorm_BLM2763d ago

Well that's unfortunate to hear, and it's definitely not the first criticism I've read about the game. I'm getting the collection though, because I never played the Pre-Sequel or the DLC from Borderlands 2. Still got my save file, but I definitely don't mind playing through it again.

OdieEsty2763d ago

don't get me wrong I really enjoyed my time with it, but at full price I'm not sure I could truly recommend it. Packaged with 2 it's much more worth the price. There's a lot of great additions, it's just some basic issues keep it from truly surpassing it's predecessor.

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