Would You Play Dead Space 4?

Clipping Error discuss whether or not they would play Dead Space 4 if it were made, based on the direction the series has taken in the last installment.

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NicSage2760d ago

uh yes yes yes yes yes.

getrektedmate2760d ago

If it's like the first two games then hell yeah!

-Foxtrot2760d ago

If it's anything like Dead Space 3 then god no

Why don't they do what Neill Blomkamp is doing with the Alien franchise, just glide over Dead Space 3 and pretend it doesn't exist. It never happened.

LightDiego2760d ago

Exactly, Dead Space 3 it's awful, the first two games are great.

NicSage2759d ago

It was not awful, it was Issac's third game. He knew what he would be up against. It was more action based because of it IMO, why would he be scared a third time?

-Foxtrot2759d ago

Oh I don't know maybe they are just "investigating" a ship or base, totally unprepared and they end up stranded as the place goes to hell with no items, equipment or weapons

That would make you scared and I've just came up with that plot point in 30 seconds. You telling me EA couldn't do that.

scark922760d ago

Yeah! No Doubt! Loved the first! I wonder how different they can make it!

annoyedgamer2760d ago

In fact, I am, scared of wasting my hard earned money on an immoral and greedy company that is hell-bent on milking gamers dry with sub-par products and political tripe.

Cra2yey32759d ago

Probably not, but if its like the 1st game where you never knew what to expect with crazy graphics and gameplay then...

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