Xbox One Automatic DLC Download Feature Under Consideration

"We're trying to figure out the best way to do that," Microsoft's Major Nelson says at PAX East.

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Iluvtrim2768d ago

Awesome feature if added.

MegaRay2768d ago

Wouldn't it be easier if they made it a patch instead of a DLC? Or am I missing the point?

badz1492768d ago

missing the point big time.

patches are free and many DLCs aren't. so, there's one where you're missing the point.

with the rise of season passes nowadays, MS and Sony should really consider at least automatic DLC downloader foe season pass holders. I don't think it's THAT hard to implement.

stragomccloud2768d ago

I guess the Wii U does have a useful feature missing on the Xbox. Wii U will automatically download DLC if you have a season pass and patches. Also if you preorder a game, you can pre install like on Steam.

Immorals2768d ago

You can predownload games on the Xbox!

gamingisnotacrime2768d ago

I would like to see the automatic updates function like the PS4 has. Wanted to play forza horizon 2 in the morning and there it was, needs an update -_-

slate912768d ago

The Instant-On setting allows for automatic downloads of patches I do believe.

WCxAlchemist2768d ago

It does. Go to settings to enable. Its been there since launch

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Jag-T10002768d ago

I don't want useless DLC ,that I'm never going to purchase, taking up space on my hard drive.

MSpence5162768d ago

It is for those that purchase season passes. The article states that sometimes people don't know when some of the content gets released. The XBO notifies you when something has been downloaded and is ready to launch.

The pre downloading of the DLC will let you know you have it without having to know when something is released in case you happen to miss that information.

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